Nothingness Records 2005

I had often wondered what happened to Incantation's original vocalist Craig Pillard and had often wondered what he had been up to after all these long years.  My questions have been answered in the form of the appropriately titled project known as Methadrone.  The music here reminds me of some sort of unsettled sleep clashing with an visions of a decaying urban sprawl.  There are no vocals to be found here but they might have interfered with the flow of the music and its intended effect.  The drums are thundering and have a very industrial feeling with a similar employment as to some of Godflesh's early work.  As a matter of fact a lot of this music reminds me of certain passages off of the Streetcleaner album of Godflesh.  The guitar uses a very high pitched wail that adds to the despair this music seems steeped in.  All the songs slowly bleed into one another creating an overall theme rather than any sort of individual journeys.  But I think that is what Craig and Randi had in mind while they were expunging their nightmares of this vision.  It just seems to drone on and on with no seeming method of escape.  My favorite track is the song Ebullient Drift with its opening spasms of reverb that break up the monotony a little and the main riff that seeps out of there is possibly one of the saddest pieces of music I have heard in a long time.  It truly makes me want to cry.  Fans of early Godflesh and anyone interested in a dark sea of noise to drown in will certainly appreciate the artistic vision of these guys.  This music is powerful and I can get lost for a longtime in here.  Maybe forever.