Rise To Ruin

Candlelight Records 2007

Holland's Death metal Veterans Gorefest seem to never rest on their laurels.  On Rise to Ruin we see them displaying a strength and a power akin to their legendary status.  The riffs and and songwriting on Rise to Ruin exhibit a muscled vigor that focuses all their past efforts into a heavier and more disdainful concoction.  The groove heavy Revolt is loud and in your face but that can be said of pretty much all the songs on this album.  The title track is my favorite song because of its sinister chunky riffs and throbbing double-bass drumming.  Towards the end of the song the speed picks up and some subtle melody is infused into its sinewy folds.  Babylon's Whores has moments of blistering speed but it is really the slower moments where most of the mental damage is done.  Speak When Spoken To continues the unforgiving onslaught of groove heavy pummeling.  In some ways Gorefest's style is similar to modern Boltthrower's as it rumbles along like an unstoppable tank.  Rise to Ruin has the feel of a call to action, a manifesto of sorts with its shouted and gruff vocals courtesy of Jan-Chris.  Rise to Ruin's undeniable groove-laden muscles are constantly flexing making it impossible to ignore.  Gorefest have never been one of my favorite bands in the death metal scene and this album is not going to make me a new convert.  However their influential status is well deserved and Rise to Ruin showcases why with its confident and powerful songs that exude sheer death metal conviction.