Salvation Like Destruction

Pulverized 2009

Blackened thrash with venomous vocals spewing forth like Linda Blair's projectile vomit is what this Australian four-piece (featuring former a Destroyer 666 member) serves up on their debut album.  Scathing riffs and trebly guitar fuzz serve as a backdrop for the demonic chorus on The Axiom Star which is eerily reminiscent of Destroyer 666 though less face-ripping.  I guess the whole album can suffer/benefit from that comparison.  Stoic marching black metal paced with determination and authority leads Glory Alone forward into the fray of a Xtian slaughter later delving into melodic leads and vocals that assail the heavenly walls.  Proselytiser centers around a galloping riff with a somewhat sloppy, untight feel which hurtles like a speeding truck right over the edge of the cliff towards certain obliteration.  The guitars crackle and vibrate on Awe of Fire and the song rages with a passionate righteousness.  Another song that sort of finds itself merely keeping itself afloat is the redone demo track, Vengeance Whips which maybe should have been left on the demo as the riffs are average.  Between Gods and Men closes out the album with a triumphant mentality that has an almost glorious barbaric feel to it.  I am not a fan of the production on the album as the whole album feels thin and somewhat weak.  With a beefed up sound this album would have been a lot more effective.  At times Salvation Like Destruction is deadly and coldly precise and others it sort of loses its way as it lingers on plain riffs.  There are certainly some effective songs on the album such as Axiom Star and Glory Alone but they are also dragged down by less interesting tracks like Proselytiser and Vengeance Whips as well as the aforementioned anemic production values.