The Fucking Wrath

Season of Evil

Goodfellow Records 2007

Out of nowhere Goodfellow Records dropped a mega bombshell in my lap in the form of The Fucking Wrath's awesome debut, Season of Evil.  These guys set the mood for the album with the doomy and heavy as hell intro, Ride the Lighter.  Then Like a thousand stampeding bulls To the Eels lunges forward with a certain harsh punk vibe sort of like Discharge but with maybe a little more "rock" in its system.   To the Eels slows its tempo and then morphs into some Sabbathy sludge.  This melding of crusty punk and stoner doom embodies the entire experience that The Fucking Wrath lays forth.  Each song attacks with a ferocity that belies the laid back stoner doom undercurrents lurking beneath the surface.  Supposedly the influence of THC played a large role in the recording of this album which is possessed of more energy than a steam locomotive speeding down a steep cliff.  The punk stylings come to the forefront the most on the song The Defeater with its shout-alongs and rampant power riffs.  And the stoner musings are most prevalent on Old Man and the Sea which incidentally is my favorite song because of the killer rhythmic mayhem that follows the Sabbath inspired "calm before the thrashing storm."  To a degree it really reminds me of Discharge at their darkest if they had been hippies instead.  The Dual vocal assault of Craig and Nick suits the high energy rumblings of the album perfectly and provide a sense of diversity as well in contrast to the slower, more ominous, slabs of granite they call riffs.  The Fucking Wrath is a a great band who manages to successfully unite two usually opposing musical styles, the lethargy of Doom and the energy of Punk.  They do this to a lethal degree that leaves the listener at a loss for words and with an eagerness to unleash some inner violence.  I am not sure whether to ingest massive amounts of caffeine or smoke a lot of dope.  maybe I'll do both and see if it is anywhere close to the same experience as Season of Evil.