Carpathian Forest

Skjend Hans Lik

Season of Mist 2004

Carpathian Forest has always been one of my favorite Norwegian black metal bands.  Their brand of Black N' Roll has always appealed to me.  It's cold and sterile but venom filled hatred is thrust upon me by Nattefrost and company.  Their departure from the scene will be mourned by me.  This release is really kind of an odds and ends release.  It has one unreleased song in Humiliation Chant, two different versions of previous songs and a live version of Martyr/Sacrificulum.  And to round it off it has the Bloodlust and perversion demo on it, remastered of course.  The new song is one of the ambient tracks you come to expect from CF with some muted vocals layered over the top.  Nothing tremendous but still very effective.  The different version of Spill the Blood  of the Lamb sounds industrialized with a drum machine.  I prefer the original.  And I also prefer the original of Skjend Hans Lik.  This version isn't bad it just isn't as powerful as the original if you ask me.  If you have the original release of the Bloodlust and perversion demo or even the CD release of it on Noxious records(I think) then you aren't missing out on anything.  They say it is remastered but the difference to me isn't significant enough to warrant any overt excitement.  The packaging on this is a cool digipack but there really isn't a lot of substance to it.  No booklet or anything.  The one true jewel this contains in my opinion is the video track for the song Carpathian Forest.  It's mostly live footage but with some dark images and superimposed writing and mystical symbols.  It is really cool but short at only 2:07.  Oh well.  I guess I can't have everything my way.  Basically if you are a completist(like me) and need everything that CF ever did then this is for you.  If you are not a completist, then wander some other way.