In Battle

Soul Metamorphosis

Imperial Dawn Records 2004

I must admit I haven't heard In Battle since their unimpressive self-titled debut .  After listening to this new EP I would say it appears they have grown exponentially both in talent and compositional skill since their humble origins.  They have incorporated some mature death metal rhythms to go along with their blistering speed making them sound like a cross between Marduk and Morbid Angel.  There are many examples of their maturity such as the guitar solo that calms down the hot magma of riffing at the 1 minute mark of Pioneers of a Dead Future.  It just reeks of class.  My favorite moment though is during the opening Morbid Angel styled rhythms of Dawn of Darkness just before it burst into a speedy whirlwind of hate.  In battle also incorporates some memorable yet mild melodies.  I say mild because I don't want anyone to start thinking this is In Flames worship or anything.  The playing is tight and the drumming is excellent throughout Soul Metamorphosis.  The production is crisp yet thick.  It sounds like a bunch of time and money were well invested in making this a dedicated slab of well thought out insanity.  Though it is probably more apparent to me as someone who hasn't followed their whole career but In Battle has made great strides from their early days.  I am very impressed and now need to check out their latest full length album.  Based on this release I would say In Battle embodies maturity and class.