Sour Times

Season of Mist 2005

There aren't many bands that have gracefully returned after a long hiatus but I think Confessor is showing glimpses that it will be the exception to the rule.  This EP has two new songs, and old song, and a radio edit of one of the new songs.  It also contains a bunch of computer gimmicks like Screen Savers, band photos and a live video from their last concert but I will concentrate my review on the music.  Since their Condemned album it seems they have matured their songwriting, but focusing more on the riffs and a stronger sense of musical unity.  Before it seems the riffs lay waaaay beneath the overpowering duo of the vocals and drumming.  Now they vocals of Scott Jeffreys are more restrained.  Steve Shelton's drumming is still out of this world but he has a better sense of class to me.  But I still feel he has few peers when it comes to his skills.  The guitars have been brought up more in the mix as well which makes it feel like a complete band this time around.    A good contrast to what I mean is illustrated after Hibernation ends and then Condemned begins.  Confessor's new sound really reminds me of early Solitude Aeternus.  But that's just me.  Now on to my gripe.  I think this release is a complete waste.  It has only two new songs and an old song that most of you should have by owning the Condemned album.  And then it has a radio edit of a song already on here.  I can't imagine any reason why I would want a Radio edit of a song.  I am not a radio station.  It makes no sense to me.  If they really wanted to give us a taster they should have just had SOM re-release their Blueprint Soul Demo CD since it is now sold out.   So I am torn because I get to hear new Confessor but very little of it in actuality.  I think everyone should wait until their new album comes out.