Starless Aeon

The End Records 2006

There are two ways I view this EP.  One is on its musical merits and the other is on its worth as a release.  First we will tackle the musical aspect of it.  It is a 3 song affair that holds what can be expected from modern Dissection, overly melodic metal a la Dark Tranquility.  A lot of people reference In Flames when referring to modern Dissection but to me it really sounds more in line with what Dark Tranquility is doing musically and maintains some of their artistic integrity as opposed to the commercial pandering of In Flames.  Anyways that is just me splitting hairs I guess as they are both born from the Gothenberg breeding ground of melodic Swedish death metal..  The production is solid and all instruments are full.  A lot of people will claim this isn't the Dissection of old and that may be true.  As for me I think this is a rather interesting sound for them and enjoy these compositions more and more with each listen and look forward to having the full length album in my hands.  Sure I miss the old days but those days are gone and why be such a nostalgic bedwetter who clings to the past like his old soggy and yellow stained blanket?  As to the release itself, I feel it is pretty worthless.  There are three tracks available here and 2 are album tracks and the third one is just a instrumental version of Starless Aeon.  There is also a video of the title track where the band play their instruments in a shadowy room but it doesn't do much for making this a sound investment.  I would say pass this up and buy the album instead.