Steps of Descent

Canonical Hours 2008

This is a new set of American death metallers playing a tight, mildly technical and brutal as hell brand of mayhem.  Right out of the gates you can see their influences worn proudly on their sleeves.  These are of course the traditional masters like Morbid Angel, Immolation, and even Krisiun.  Mask In Flesh demonstrates these Krisiun influences both in the extreme drum kit hammering and swirling arpeggio guitar solo at the 2:30 mark.  This insane tempo kicks off the following track, While Sarnath Lies Desolate though they do manage to slow it down for some groove heavy Morbid Angel rhythms.  More Morbid Angel worship on Epiphany of R'lyeh but this isn't a bad thing.  Also the bass solo at 1:08 mark is inspired and truly deadly.  On Fuck- Start My Dinner the album closes as it began, with relentless drumming, swirling guitar solos and tight, heavy riffing.  Though when the song breaks down into some chunkier guitar chords and gravely vocals, I am tempted to mosh in my music room.  Daniel Cooley's are in the mid range, not too guttural yet not too screamy either.  He achieves a nice balance plus I am really pleased with the Lovecraftian themes of the lyrics.  The repetitive drumming becomes a little monotonous by the end of the album.  Not too spectacular but nicely done death metal that moves me to some serious headbanging and could be even more deadly if the songs were a little more varied tempo-wise.  Steps of Descent is a good start and highlight the right attitude and character to keep these death masters slaying listeners mercilessly for the foreseeable future.