The Batallion

Stronghold of Men

Karisma/Dark Essence 2008

Burly and muscular, Bergen's new super-group, The Batallion is an exhilarating assault of "true metal."  Formed by musicians from well known groups like Old Funeral, Grimfist, Taake, etc., The Batallion is a celebration of all things manly within metal such as violence, death, explosions, and conflict.  Compositions here consist of simple yet effective and memorable riffing and razor-edged vocals.  No time is wasted on anything that would be considered unnecessarily fancy.  The Spirit of Masculinity kicks the album of in noble fashion and the thrash, death, and black metal roots that The Batallion invoke are immediately recognizable.  Detonate is vein popping, bicep flexing Black N Roll of epic proportions, accentuated by the meaty opening bassline.   Tension in the Stronghold brews this cocktail into a frantic concoction that is as energizing as it is deadly.  Whereas Prove Your Pain incites riotous violence through manly guitar riffs that pounce without mercy.  The highlight of the album is Man to Man (Warfare) which is an ode to both battle and barbaric metallized rock!  The eleven tracks on Stronghold of Men are conducive to large amounts of fist-flailing and head-banging.  Stud Bronson shrieks with madman intensity as he details the grit and grime of violence.  The Batallion wield their instruments like massive weapons of warfare and inflict extensive casualties on the ears of every listener.  Stronghold of Men is a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable album that should be listened to at high decibels.  each song is crafted with sheer power in mind.  No mercy has been asked and no mercy will be given!  The Batallion is hatred driven!!!!