Terroreign-Apocalyptic Armageddon Command

Agonia Records 2009

Singapore's lords of Hellfire and devastation return once again with an album full of violence and fiery savagery.  The album opens with a synth based intro composed by Holocausto from Beherit.  The bestial wrath of Viento De Holocausto immediately charges out upon the listener like the Mongol hordes.  Insanely fast drumming and sawing guitars wreak destruction upon the listener.  Atomic Angel Assault is up next with its hyper-speed take on Morbid Angel rhythmic riffing.  Shyaithan's vocals are liquid fire in their commanding authority and feral intolerance.  Swirling leads sear my ears with their volcanic heat.  My favorite track is As Judea Burns with its repetitive main riff and callous chorus of Hebrew mockery.  Warp-speed drums relentlessly saw through the whitelight worshippers like so much dry chaff.  More heretical Satanic worship billows out like dark plumes of smoke on Goatfather as they blot out the sun and choke all life from any remaining survivors.  Somewhat referencing Possessed though at like triple speed is The Black Fuck with its tsunami of double bass, laser-precision guitar solos, and thrash/death hybrid riffing.  Shyaithan vomits forth guttural vocals like he's undergoing a reverse exorcism.  The last track on Terroreign is a tight and merciless cover of Morbid's My Dark Subconscious.   The thrashing riffs at its core are immediately obvious when compared to Impiety's material.  The album fades from consciousness with another Holocausto composed piece serving as an outro.  Impiety have once again hurled lightning bolts of cruelty upon the world with Terroreign.  Their ruthless use of speed coupled with riffs that are like an artillery barrage make them one of the unquestioned leaders within the blasphemous underground of Anti-xtian audio terrorism.  Terroreign is pitiless and burns like flowing magma as it scorches the earth, leaving nothing but ashen waste.