Season of Mist 2005

It was with much trepidation that I awaited the new Nattefrost album.  I had ha lot of reservations about it because I was extremely disappointed with the first solo album from Carpathian Forest's mainman.  I was pretty much expecting more of the same this time around.  I have to admit though that Nattefrost spent much more time writing memorable riffs and making the songs interesting.  My attention was grabbed from the outset and very rarely was my mind afforded the opportunity to wander.  For the most part this album consists of Black and Roll with a mean punk edge.  Hellcommander alternates between some cold and fast Norwegian styled riffs and some groove heavy thrash sounding rhythms.  There are even a couple songs on here that could easily fit on a Carpathian Forest album like Goat Worship and Primitive Death.  Of course no release with Nattefrost at the helm would be complete without some disgusting decadence such as the piss and poop soundtrack of Eine Kleine Arschmuzick.  I am not sure what to make of Dinsasansdjeveldyrkaar!!!!!  It is just bizarre but I guess it fits the atmosphere of the album and sometimes I catch myself humming it and I think that is a little scary.  The lyrics cover the typical topics you should expect from him ranging from Satan to sexual perversion.  I got the uncensored package but I am not really sure what Nattefrost is trying to say here with these pictures of naked transsexual men.  He is lucky I am not a homophobe or I would disown this disc fast.  heh heh.  Overall this is the album I expected last year with his debut.  Great punked out black and Roll!