The Club

AGD Records 2005

It gives me great joy to see some of my favorite second tier thrash bands reforming and putting out quality albums in the recent past.  Another one of my all time faves from the German scene not named Kreator, Sodom, or Destruction is Assassin.  Ever since I picked up their Upcoming Terror LP I have been hooked.  I thought it was sad that they only released 2 albums in what I thought could have been a really bright existence.  So what does Assassin 2005 have to offer us?  I have to keep in my mind that the band members have done some maturing in the intervening years since Interstellar Experience was released.  Gone is the chaos and danger of their youthful onslaughts and it has been replaced with a more controlled and calculated approach to songwriting.  Don't get me wrong, Assassin can still kick it on all cylinders but they have incorporated more variances into their songs and have a much "crunchier" feel to their grooves.  No song exemplifies this better than Psycho Terror with its relentless chugging riff.  The production on this album is much improved from Assassin's earlier releases which made the guitars sound a little thin and weak.  On The Club everything is full and has an equal share in your ears.  Lyrically Assassin has chosen to use their music as a platform for some pretty political topics such as Proletarian, the Anti-Bush rhetoric in Not With Us (which by the way is my favorite song), and I Swear.  But there are also some free and fun songs such as the title track and Bushwhackers.  I am told the next album will be much more straightforward.  I like that idea but at the same time The Club has an emotional depth that is lacking on Assassin's other albums.  So I am of the opinion it'll be a trade-off in one way or another.  It just depends on what you are looking to them for.  Either way I am glad to see Assassin have risen from that grave and have put out an enjoyable album unlike many of their resurrected peers.


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