The Goliath

Self Financed 2007

Pittsburgh's expansive and expressive death metal upstarts, Orgone remind me a lot of She Said Destroy in the way they take straight-forward death metal and then twist it and splinter it in ways that are both breathtaking and dramatic.  Each of the six songs on their self-financed debut, The Goliath, makes a personal connection with the listener.  Lessons of Mesopotamia is a microcosm for the album at large as it is both brutally extreme while also being mentally challenging with its songwriting.  This is illustrated by constant tempo shifts and alternately heavy and introspective riffing.  On the title track the blast beats and swirling guitar squeals hammer away on your subconscious, nestling in all the dark crevices of your mind before smashing them into powder through sheer power.  Instrumental Vowelic Drone is calm and reflective with its clean and stark guitars and is the perfect set-up to the multidimensional album closer, Vomited Hyacinths.  The dreamy beginning of the track belies the the massive breakdowns and rapid fire snares that are lurking just over the horizon and come into view as the song progresses.  There are undertones of hardcore sensibilities within the framework of The Goliath.  Orgone focuses not only on musicianship but also on strong songwriting as there is no pointless musical masturbation or guitar noodling.  Just solid songs that are rippling with strength and flashes of soulful anguish.  For a self-financed effort this album is surprisingly well developed and mature.  If the Goliath is any evidence, Orgone can rest assured that in the near future they will explode upon the scene like a cluster bomb.