The Konsortium

S/T Demo

Self Financed 2008

Obviously the mad genius behind Norway's The Konsortium has a twisted mind.  The four songs here, though according to the bio are not completely representative of the breadth of Member 01's styles and influences, certainly give an insight into the diabolical intellect that lurks within his skull.  For the most part these four tracks are a black metal hybrid whose core is somewhat similar to the sterile and calculated approaches of Thorns and Satyricon but of course there is so much more going on within each track.  Opener Under the Black Flag is a midtempo romp that at times reminds me of DodheimsGard though more controlled  in its approach and the boot-stomp that brings the track to a close is very indicative of the song's feel.  My favorite track on here is Gasmask Prince with its constantly swirling riffing and its perpetually shifting vocal attack.  Decomposers plods along for most of the track with vocals that sound as if they belong to an insane asylum escapee.  There is a tastefully mournful guitar solo at the 2:40 mark and then the song closes with frigid blast beat black metal riffing.  The final track is Onwards! Onwards! and represents both the fastest and dirtiest of the material on the demo with its frantic opening guitar strumming and dissonant notes.  The vocals kick out a Rock 'N Roll feel at times displaying the diversity of The Konsortium.  The production on the demo is very clinically inhuman and enhances the feverdream mood of the material.  The Konsortium represents modern metal with influences from mainly the black metal scene and is at times dissonant while at others very streamlined and rhythmic.  Based on what this demo represents I think that The Konsortium will be making waves in the underground in the very near future, especially since their debut album is due out this fall on Interregnum Records.  I look forward to that.