Hammers of Misfortune

The Locust Years

Cruz Del Sur Music 2006

On their third full length album, Hammers of Misfortune bring us some sort of Rock/Power metal opera, namely the Locust Years.  So many different directions are taken musically and the Locust Years is a very diverse display of
star guitarist, John Cobbett's talents.  From the piano drenched We Are the Widows to the poppy and extremely catchy Trot out the Dead, the range of this album is extensive yet focused.  The vocals jump back and forth between male and female to embody different characters and narration to good effect.  When listening to this album I somehow envision a musical version of a circus.  I know that may be a weird connection but that's what I see in my mind's eye.  Though the music here is well constructed and very engaging something about it seems so plastic and hollow.  I mean there doesn't seem to be any emotion involved and it doesn't affect me on anything more than a superficial level.  On the promo sheet it states that "the dramatic bitter sense of tragedy that surrounds the album makes it a masterpiece...."  That's where I have a problem because the music evokes none of the feelings of bitterness nor tragedy that it probably should.  The whole album feels very happy and full of pop.  The locust years is a well produced, well constructed, well written, album that goes nowhere for me at all.  It all feels so superfluous and I feel no connection to it at all.  I guess in the end this is not my cup of tea as this album does very little for me but I can see it have a huge appeal to a lot of other metal enthusiasts.   So maybe I shouldn't be reviewing this album.  Well I already sat down and wrote it so I guess I will.  heh heh.