A Second From the Surface

The Streets Have Eyes

This Dark Reign Recordings 2007

Minnesota's resident chaotic noise mongers, ASFTS unleash a steel inferno of audio aggression.  Quick and fierce stabs of savagery burst forth from the speakers with relentless screamed vocals and merciless blast beats.  But there is not much else to The Streets Have Eyes except for the occasional flourish of song individuality.  For instance the use of a melodic post hardcore guitar riff on Fleeting Swarm.  Or the killer grab you by the throat riff on Scene I don't Remember.  But for the most part each song is a blinding blur of drumming and rapid fire riffing that speeds past you at a thousand miles an hour.  And with only a minute or two for each song it seldom leaves much of a lasting impression.  There is just too much time wasted on making each song insanely violent and out of control brutal for much of any sort of true absorption of the music.  Even though there is very little actual time on this 10 song, 20 minute disc.  With that said though I think this material must go over like a firestorm of explosive energy in the live environment.  ASFTS is also very straight to the point.  No extraneous nonsense thrown in to dilute the intention of their message, which musically speaking must be akin to being gang raped with a sledgehammer.  ASTFS style could be qualified as Grindcore I suppose but there is such a strong undercurrent of influence from the hardcore scene it is hard to get away from that scene and exist in a more metal mindset.  One thing I am really glad for on this release is that they chose to not trigger the drums opting for a more organic sounding experience because this could have been a real nightmare otherwise.  Especially since this jackhammer assault is paced and held together by said drumming.  ASFTS is the musical equivalent to a clenched fist pummeling you in the face over and over again.  Sure it creates a mess but it isn't all that pleasant either.