Blood Tsunami

Thrash Metal

Candlelight 2007

Blood Tsunami has quietly been building a name for themselves but for the time being they are probably going to get most of their notoriety around the fact that Bard Faust is drumming in their ranks, but that is doing a disservice to such a dynamic and skilled band.  These guys write some killer thrash oriented metal that bases its sound around the chunkier and more bombastic riffs of the Bay Area scene rather than the more violent thrash of the German scene.  They also manage to incorporate some melodic elements into their music without sounding like a metalcore clone of the Gothenburg bands that are flooding and diluting the market.  One of the main ways that these guys manage to separate themselves from a lot of their contemporaries is their use of meatier riffs that chug along in the mid-tempo range rather than the thin and speedy riffs that too many of their peers over-utilize.   A great example of the aforementioned riffing is on my favorite track Infernal Final Carnage with its stomping mayhem and melodic leads spiraling out of control over everything while Pete Evil's vocals harshly evoke their metallic rhetoric.  But for me to call Infernal Final Carnage my favorite is really separating hairs because all the music here are strong and the song writing is top notch.   So many different riffs get stuck in my head and each song successfully replaces the former as its coils unwind in my ears.  I find myself shaking my fist in the air in anger and aggression as I am listening to his album and wishing I was seeing this live as their would be some serious pit violence.  These songs are truly constructed around the live environment and I am sure they have been honed to perfection in that atmosphere with the audience in mind.  The real death metal influence would have to be centered around the vocal attack.  The production is so thick that each element of the band is like a flesh covered anvil, solid yet organic sounding.  Blood Tsunami has crafted an album full of energy and bursting with head-banging, foot-stomping destruction.  Thrash Metal is a perfect melding of classic era metal with modern sensibilities.  It saddens me that I will be in Qatar when they come through London on their tour with Zyklon.