Mouth of the Architect

The Ties that Blind

Translation Loss Records 2006


The Ties that Blind is a cyclopean expedition into the mind where the music provides lots of Contemplative moments through gargantuan reverberating riffs, uncomplicated drumming, and clean guitar interludes.  I think it is Ironic that they call themselves Mouth of the Architect since there is not much in the way of vocals on this album.  But without the vocals cluttering up the songs it provides a listening experience free from distractions where your mind can wander as if through a waking dream.  Vocals tend to pull the listener back to reality and provide an apex for the mind to focus on rather than letting all your neurons explore the images the soundscapes paint.  When the vocals do rear their ugly heads, Gregory Lahmm spits forth screeching acid that burns itself through your ears.  The riffs are so emotive and make me yearn for something I have been missing yet don't even realize what it is.  To understand what I mean the most perfect example is at about the 8:20 mark of No One Wished to Settle Here where the true majesty of MOTA is embodied and unleashed.  I can hum that riff in my head all day long.  The production is superb with all the vibrations echoing with each guitar riff giving the whole album a monolithically surreal feeling.  The Ties that Blind is a long album clocking in at an hour and six minutes on only six tacks.  But I feel this is a positive aspect as it doesn't force the artist to condense the music for the sake of artificial time constraints.  The ideas are allowed to develop and your mind can fall into the soothing/numbing depths of the riffs.  The Mouth of the Architect are one of those rare bands I feel that sort of live off in a realm of their own but this would most probably appeal to fans of thunderously slow doom such as Thergothon.  Though I must make it clear MOTA is not near as slow and are way more adventurous.