Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion  

Till Death Tear Us Part

Black Mark Productions 2008

Starting off somewhat in a doomy mindset, this project band of the talented Swedish female vocalist, Jennie Tebler quickly upgrades with some groove heavy metal that borders on a Nu-metal feel.  Luckily all of this prejudice is pushed away once Jennie's angelic, angst ridden vocals soar into and over the music.  She possesses each song as if each composition was a tear falling from her saddened eyes.  Album opener, Brand New Start flexes its muscles with meaty and thick guitar riffs, rumbling like a wooly mammoth while double bass drumming drives the song forward like a stampede.  Demons Ode, the highlight of the album, reveals  a catchy, whirling chorus and a sorrowful yet skillful guitar solo courtesy of Fredrik.  Queen of Ice, with its slow and gothic leanings becomes somewhat tiring by the songs end though there are some more classy guitar solos woven into the song's fabric.  More earthy but dwelling in similar territory as Evanescence, Jennie Tebler's band is decidedly heavier and definitely more METAL.  This link to such a commercial sounding comparison can be most noticed on Life Full of Lies with its haunting vocals and accessible guitar work.  At times the material here is somewhat pretentious and derivative (Never Stop Crying) while at others it is pretty inspiring (Enchanted).   I can see Jennie's band growing in commercial success and gaining something along the lines of Nightwish's level of fame.  Not for fans of the underground but still not a waste of time.