Too Old Too Cold EP

Peaceville Records 2006

Darkthrone is one of the few "cult" acts inspiring both hatred from dissenters and fanaticism from adherents of their black vomit.  There has been a lot of hype in the build up to the release of the new album "the Cult is Alive."  One of the main issues of contempt people have displayed is the release of a Darkthrone "single."  I don't see the problem here.  I think people are focusing too much on the word Single.  If it had been labeled an EP people couldn't have complained because too many "true" bands release EPs.  Anyways I am getting off on a tangent.  I need to focus on the music not the scene politics.  So how does the music on this EP stack up?  The best way I can put it is if you like modern Darkthrone material then you will love this.  The title track has a really driving Black and Roll main riff with a tad more energy than some of the more recent material has contained.  I mean this is possibly one of the best Darkthrone songs in several albums.  That main riff is such a monster and subconsciously inspires me to raise my fist in a sign of defiance.  On the second track, High on Cold War we have a faster punk and Hellhammer inspired track that actually contains some guitar solos, gasp!  I am sure the purists will freak about this too.  The vokillz on this track are performed by Grutle of Enslaved.  Truth be told I have never  heard him sound more like Nocturno Culto than on this effort.  After this we have the most shocking revelation, a coversong.  It is shocking for several reasons, who it is of (Souxsie and the Banshees), the fact that they actually did a coversong, and the actual performance of it.  Having heard the original it is soooooo strange to actually hear Darkthrone's bastardizing of the song.  I mean it is not horrible but the vokillz on it are hard to take at first but after awhile the whole effort grew on me and I have come to truly appreciate it.    the final track Graveyard Slut is awesome with a Slaughter feeling mixed with some Celtic Frost inspired sludge. The main riff with its headbanging drive truly "rocks" with Venom or Motorhead's zeal.  The production on this EP is masterfully dirty yet powerful.  They did an excellent job with their own studio.  The cover art is a primitive monochrome dedication to Darkthrone's religious opposition.  As always Eric Masicotte delivered a work of art in complete aesthetic harmony with Darkthrone's ethos.  This EP gives me great hope for the new album.  Not that I really had any doubts that Darkthrone would deliver.  But with the hype surrounding their return to Peaceville and all the surrounding antics of an upcoming video, a single, a coversong, and a new album I was afraid that the hype might overwhelm the project.  I realize this couldn't be further from the truth.  Now I will have to wait anxiously on the edge of my seat for the new album.  A month has never seemed so long.