The Traumatizer

Vendlus Records 2004

Audiopain?  Audiopain!!!!!!!!!!!   The Traumatizer does everything you'd expect an album with that for a title.  It Traumatizes.  An assault of black thrash is unleashed upon my ears and it bludgeons me into submission.  I have liked Audiopain for a while now but this album pushed me over the edge from "like" to "love."  The songs range from catchy riffs in a more straightforward structure to more complex deliveries with some low end grooves in them, most notably on the track Living Among Humans.  The thrash riff fest Believer opens with a catchy mildly melodic riff that instantly hooks you and drags you into the dark folds of the crisp yet cold riffs that wash in to fill the voids.  And I think maybe my favorite song is Fraud Machine with its intense speed that breaks into a stop and start ear trauma.  There are six songs here but the length of the album is a full length.  One thing I don't understand though is using an instrumental when you only have 6 songs on the album.  Granted Thrash Mental is a great instrumental so if that's what you desire to do then I guess more power to Audiopain.  Sverre is a very different vocalist.  He has a lot more rasp to his vocals than most people and that makes him stand out in a field of generic clones.  The lyrics are slightly strange and not your average devil worshipping anti-religious hate mongering.  Granted there is all of that but with a more modern and psychological edge to it all.  And one thing I must mention is the packaging on this CD.  I have never seen anything like it.  It is like a puzzle-box or something.  It is unreal and must be seen to be believed.  Possibly the coolest packaging ever.  Kim Solve does a great job once again with the cover art.  It's obscured and muddled leaving the mind to wander.  Audiopain is a band that inspires with nostalgic thrash riffs but has infused them with a modern and hateful darkness that makes them sound so fresh and monumental.  So far in my opinion this is the best CD released this year.