Burial Hordes 

Devotion to Unholy Creed

Pulverized Records 2009

A Buzzing guitar tone instantly reveals the sinister intent of Greece's Burial Hordes.  At times blasting and chaotic the album opener, Praise The Bloodcode of Hatred reminds me somewhat of Katharsis.  The song ends with some disturbing keys and samples of a woman crying for a pompous and operatic sense of elitism to finish.   Up next is Infernal Necromancers with its Revenge worship opening passage which unleashes a alternating firestorm and funeral march.  I detect more Katharsis similarities in Hellborn which incidentally is my favorite song on the album.  Its relentless assault annihilates all white-light worshippers within earshot.  A slightly different feeling is evoked by the bizarre and slightly Isengard-esque vocals that bridge God's Cutthroat and Abysmal Goatfeast.  Though the track quickly devolves into more churning seas of unholy black metal riffing that froths and smashes into walls of drum rolls and crashing cymbals.  When the track breaks and a lone guitar climbs out from the darkness a feeling of dread fills the listener.  You just know that a violent flurry of twisting riffs and frenzied drums will fall upon you like an avalanche.  A somewhat Darkthrone-meets-Beherit feeling is conjured by Splendid Destruction.  During the middle section of the composition dissonant notes chill the listener to his innermost core.  The guitars at time are a little muted though they have a really unique tone during the periods of frenzied Nordic riffing.  Cthonos' vocals are a little deeper than most of his peers.  Surprisingly I was quite taken with Devotion to Unholy Creed even though it is fairly standard black metal.  There is something very possessing about Burial Hordes' material.