Eagle Twin

The Unkindness of Crows

Southern Lord 2009

With Salt Lake City's Eagle Twin, Gentry Densley's mad Genius has migrated to deeper, darker and heavier depths than his post-hardcore jazz rock outfit Iceburn.  Eagle Twin wanders through crevasses of megalithic riffs that seemingly avoid rigid structure, rather relying on uneven landscapes of reverb and drum eruptions to entice the listener further on their spiritual quest.  Gravelly vocals add to the ever changing and slowly shifting landscape on In The Beginning Was the Scream.  Guitar feedback and mountainous riffs are imposing and barren at the same time and grate like tectonic plates eternally grinding against one another.  Unstructured and molasses-sticky, Sabbath-laden riffs darkly great the listener on Murder Of....  while layered vocals drift between emotional throat scrapings and Tibetan monk chants.  Clean guitars add a touch of post-hardcore subconscious musings that claw upwards only to face the sheer chasm walls of throbbing thick guitars on Birds of Black Hot Fire.  Western hints seep into the dry riffs of Carry On, King of Carrion and bring to mind a dehydrated and stumbling version of Earth's sullen spirituality.  Gaining some footing and picking up the pace like a lumbering rhinoceros is And It Came to Pass That Birds Rain Down as Black Snakes which brings the album to a tar soaked close.  Cymbals crash and explode like distant supernovae and the riffs gain momentum and destructive power.  Liberated from the self-imposed structural boxes that most bands dwell within, Eagle Twin journey broadly and freely across soundscapes like natural mountain ranges as riffs emulate uneven cyclopean peaks.  Each song reaches for the heavens yet is mired in the gloomy morass of human existence.  Eagle Twin has profoundly touched an internal nerve by crushing it with the gargantuan weight of sludgy riffs and granite hard reverb.