Dodsferd / Mortovatis

Until Your World Go Down

Moribund Records 2010

The diabolical mastermind behind both of these varied expressions in extremity is Wrath.  Whether it be the raw and raucous black metal punishment of Dodsferd or the cranium-piercing black drone of Mortovatis, you can be assured your mind will be as equally ravaged.

The three tracks on display from Dodsferd are the definition of raw and rowdy black metal.  The Motorhead-meets-Judas Iscariot, noisy obscurity and primitive teeth-gnashing of Only Thorns Can Embrace Your Condemned Throne stands as a symbol of Dodsferd's goals.  Up next is the gloomier mood of Another Two of Your Scars and the World is Dead.  Burzum-ish riffs cling to foggy sadness and fuzzed out guitars and sorrowful vocal screeches.  To increase the levels of barbaric rawness the final track from Dodsferd is a live recording of You Called It Resurrection, I Call It a Fairytale For Human Parasites, Your Kind (originally from the Cursing Your Will To Live album).  Despite its rather unrefined state you can detect melodies surging within the darkness and the track exudes black malevolence.

Mortovatis' single 20+ minute track, Rebirth 349, is a singular expression of trance-inducing black drone.  Piercing sonic shapes, like a spike drill their way into your skull until simplistic riffs rise below them as if being birthed by a star-lit swamp.  It resembles a noisy melding of Burzum's hypnotic repetition and the sonic scraping feedback of Skullflower.  

While not overly spectacular, ground-breaking, or catchy, both of these Greek entities are successful at achieving their aim.   Both bands are suffocating in their own way, whether it be graven intensity (Dodsferd) or weighty blankets of mesmerizing riffs (Mortovatis).  This is a split CD that is devoid of light.