Blut Aus Nord

Memoria Vetusta II / Dialogue With The Stars

Candlelight Records 2009

Blut Aus Nord return with an album that is slightly less murky and more traditional than their last few journeys into abyssal grime and disorienting opaque filth.  A continuation of sorts from their second album Memoria Vetusta I.  The overall atmosphere of the album summons images of a nocturnal painting with hues of Royal blue brushed across a midnight sky.  Stars slowly passing like points of light across the vast deep of space.  Triumphant and nostalgic melodies shift in a more traditional fashion on Disciples Libration.  Clean guitars of calming and transcendental beauty close out the track.  Translucent Body of Air is a haunting and beautiful instrumental that serves to counter and thusly disillusion the listener when the blasting black metal drumming and turbulent riffing that crashes froth on The Formless Sphere.  Like the horns of the great hunter a commanding melody echoes and dominates the bulk of The Meditant bringing a union of nebulous stellar beacons and the astral seeking mind of the philosopher.  Lightning fast beats are a balanced against a slow and calm melody on The Alcove of Angels.  Despite all the quick tempos and hurried beats Memoria Vetusta II has a really laid back and slow developing feel to the album.  The riffs steady out the songs for and cool the soul like touching the cold dark water deep flowing in an underground chasm.  Blut Aus Nord have forged an album of splendor and beauty cementing their status as masters in a scene of lowly slaves.  Composing music with depth and beauty that reaches heavenwards simultaneously seeking answers and bestowing wisdom.  Memoria Vetusta II transcends the earthly realms into deep space dimensions and the astral void.