Hiroshima Will Burn

To The Weight of All Things

Lacerated Enemy 2009

It seems strange that the debut album from Australia's technical death metal/core heroes, Hiroshima Will Burn has just been released and the band has already split-up.  Ultra intense instrumentation and stop-start guitar noodling immediately smack you in the face like a spastic jackhammer.  In Voluptate Mors you will find deathcore breakdowns and in-your-face tempo changes cauterized together with mega-deep vocals and even some Morbid Angel-esque guitar rhythms.  Enigmatic Consumption is an acrobatic display of precision guitar work and turn-on-a-dime drumming.  The track embraces slow, rhythmic passages sewn directly to blasting sections which is a seesaw affair.  A subtle melody rises to the surface for some added drama.  Jazzy bass and guitar form the foundation for the instrumental track Laberinto and would make even the mighty Atheist jealous.  An insane bass solo launches the track Defilement into spiced up thrash riffs and lethargic rhythms and surgical guitar harmonics.  The Black Death brings these proceedings to a close with chugging deathcore mosh bits and piercing, lightning-fast guitar solos that are both clinical and brutal at the same time.  The songwriting on this album borders on over-the-top though it is all skillfully executed and the youngsters have a firm grasp on their instruments.  Drummer Josh Reynolds is such talented drummer, his work on this album deserves your attention as he keeps the entire band from falling into an indistinguishable mess through his masterful skill at the snare and bass drums.  If you like your death metal intense and insanely technical while retaining a heaping dose of extremity then Hiroshima Will Burn will certainly be your cup of tea.  There is never a moment's rest when you are face to face with this precise and frantic death machine.