Lydia Laska

We're Nothing Compared to Ourselves

Duplicate Records 2007

Caught somewhere between the post-punk outpourings of Seattle's Seaweed and Norway's dirty rockers Turbonegro come Lydia Laska.  Their second EP manages to spit forth some great tracks of punk inspired rock and is a direct follow up to their previous EP, White Trash Attack.  With that said though the songs are more developed and catchier to me.  There are three original compositions and a noisy and dirty cover of L7's Fuel My Fire which to me seems a little out of place compared to the original pieces.  Love and Penetration is more playful and harsh in turns lyrically.  Whereas Mandy gives a feeling of yearning through drifting subtle melodies and plaintive vocals courtesy of Candy Whorehole.  My favorite song, Slut Machine Somehow adds a main riff that screams like it came out of the late 80s New Wave movement with its dead-on Berlin or Dead or Alive feeling.  With each of Lydia Laska's songs there seems to be a subtle undercurrent of sadness which I find surprisingly soothing despite the high levels of noise and pounding drums.  Candy Whorehole's vocals have to be one of my favorite vocalists in this style since Jason Beebout of Samiam.  I don't feel that the lyrical depth of these guys matches the musical and emotional impact of their songs.  That to me is a shame.  This EP is quite catchy and inspiring.  It is too bad it clocks in at only 12 minutes.  I could really do with a whole album of Lydia Laska's music.  This here's driving music!!!