We're Rotting

Stoy Records 2007

"Dirty" and "Thrash" are two words that when used in conjunction to describe a band they bring great joy to my heart and ears.  Nekromantheon is a killer thrash project masterminded by members from several other notable Norwegian bands such as Obliteration and Rabalder.  The promo sheet that came with this release compared it to Destruction, Sadus, and Kreator and I would say that is a pretty accurate representation of what the listener can expect.  This EP, and I call it an EP because it is not even 18 minutes long, is 7 songs (at roughly 2 and a half minutes apiece) of aggressive and catchy thrash that brings to mind Pleasure to Kill era Kreator the most to me.  But there is also the ever present Destruction influence right there surfacing when the time is right like on those warbling guitars carrying the meatier sections of I Shall Serve.  And my favorite part on the whole release are the shout along Chorus' of the Title track....."We're Rotting!!!!!"  I can also detect an influence from their contemporaries in Audiopain with some of the drumming and riff combinations such as the beginning section of Nekromanthoen which brings to mind Fraud Machine from Audiopain's The Traumatizer.  Nekromantheon are skilled musicians and We're Rotting is well constructed yet seemingly they play with a reckless abandon that imbues this EP with a power and aggressiveness from the opening bitter riff until the last gravel drenched chord has left your speaker.  A great example of this seeming contrast is the mind-splintering riff that forms the foundation for the classy lead at around the 1 minute mark of blistering opener, Towards Nihility.  Glenn's vocals are more or less shouted but he has an almost vomit like edge to them which I find a little humorous but they still maintain the right level of anger and aggression.  Most of the time he basically reminds me of Sverre Daehli, whose raspy vocal are unmistakable.  For anyone who thought that after Aura Noir, Audiopain, and Nocturnal Breed, Norway was depleted of quality thrash bands these days then you need to search high and low for this gem of a release.  I think I might even like Nekromantheon better than these guys' regular bands.