Interview with Worsen 2014

By Bradley Smith


As Worsen is a relatively new entity, can you give me a summation of the band's history?  As I understand it is your creation alone.  How does that feel to have such artistic freedom and is it important to have sole control of Worsen?  What are your aims and goals with Worsen what does it represent in regards to your own personality?     


Formed in 2012. I’ve created many artistic outlets for myself – some with other people and some alone. It’s a different outlet to create something alone. It’s important for me to have that freedom in certain projects. I have no aims or goals with WORSEN except to release music until my inspiration for it runs dry. Then it will cease to exist.


I find Worsen’s music to be very atmospheric.  What sort of atmosphere do you feel that the music conjures up and what sort of emotions are you trying to infuse into the listener’s mind?  For me it’s sooooo cold, yet intense!


For me intensity is a key element in all music I am part of. If you mix that with feelings of say… sorrow, power and darkness you would probably come out with the atmosphere of what WORSEN is. The atmosphere could be interpreted in different ways as some people feel more from rhythms and melodies but others feel more from words.


There is a distinct style to Worsen’s logo which is also shared with Young and In The Way, Votnut, Ayr, etc.  I was wondering if you could enlighten me to the origins of these logos and why all these bands share that style?  Does it show a unity/brotherhood of sorts between them?  And what is the AC//13 Collective?


A unity exists called ATRUM CULTUS. We are nothing.


Has religion and its constant influence affected your artistic output in any way?  How were you raised in regards to religion and did you find that Xtianity was very intrusive there in NC?  I know you said you occasionally saw shows at a Xtian run skate park.  It must be really surreal sometimes how pervasive Xtian influence is in a person’s everyday life.  Anyways, did that help plant the seed to where black metal would become appealing to you?


Although I have strong feelings regarding religion, Black Metal appeals to me simply due to the extreme nature of the music. Growing up in North Carolina it is almost impossible to avoid Christianity – in one way or another. The southeastern United States is commonly referred to as “The Bible Belt” for a reason. Growing up in this filth certainly put my mind in an unhealthy place until I matured and could reason for myself. I resent everyone who did that to me and does that to children or those who can’t make decisions for themselves yet. “Intrusive” is a really accurate word.


You are involved in another musical endeavor (well actually several) called Ayr.  I wanted to discuss this musical aspect of your art.  It's still black metal but it differs greatly I feel from Worsen.  Can you tell me what you feel the differences are both musically and philosophically between the two?  How do you separate your creative outputs without them becoming intertwined?


AYR is a special project shared by another member and myself. We’ve had a few other musicians come and go on past records as well. The differences are vast simply for that reason. Creating music as a collaborative effort is going to ultimately yield completely different results than if you were to create music alone. AYR albums usually tell a story while WORSEN is more reflecting on thoughts or feelings. I don’t have issues separating creative outputs because each output has such different inspirations.


The more I contemplate American society these days I feel a definite division, a premeditated drive to cause it citizens to rail against one another and draw dividing lines.  FOX News is a good example of the machinery at work with their constant verbal and visual attacks on more liberal and accepting ideals.  How do you view what is going on and what do you think is at the root of it all?  Politics, money, religion?


Politics, money, religion… Fuck all of it. This is what “Open Veins” is about. It’s impossible to know everything and the root of it all but I know it all makes me want to kill myself more and more each passing day. KILL EM ALL!!!


The Olympics are getting underway in Sochi and one of the prominent issues of the games is Gay rights.  I wanted to get your take on Gay rights and gay marriage in general?  Especially coming from a conservative state like North Carolina.  I know that YAITW did an equality version of their logo which I found to be quite cool.  Not to mention Clay Aiken is running for congress in North Carolina.


I support equality.


What are your upcoming plans for Worsen?  Will we see a full-length soon or any other recordings?  Anything new coming with Ayr?  As Worsen is a one man project, will we ever see any live performances?


AYR currently has the music for a full-length album recorded. We will be recording vocals and finishing the album this year.  I’ve already began writing and recording new music for WORSEN and I do have plans to assemble live members and perform live with WORSEN.


Thanks again for the interview and regaling us with stories of icy darkness.  Leave us with any final thoughts and tell us how “we are nothing!!!”


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