Apocalyptic Empire 2006


Prior to this EP I didn't know much regarding Koldbrann.  I had heard their name tossed about by some of my contacts but had never investigated anything by them.  Boy, was I missing out.  Koldbrann is a modern sort of black metal band that also constantly references and updates traditional black metal styles.  They remind me in some ways of Satyricon off their Rebel Extravaganza release without really sounding anything like them.  I guess it is just the whole atmosphere of these releases.  With that said though Koldbrann is much more interesting and have a much better appeal to my traditional black metal tastes.  There are only two songs here but both are lengthy and they give you an excellent feel of what you should expect from Koldbrann in the future on their upcoming full-length.  I really like how the tempos are changed up on these tracks and on some of the slower parts they remind me of Khold without the bottom heavy groove.  This may also have a little to do with vocals of Mennevond though his style has a lot more diversity to it.  I absolutely those frigid riffing style of the traditional disharmonic Norwegian black metal riff when the tempo picks up.  My favorite part of the EP is around the 1:30 mark of Sions Fall where a bass throb is the sole output before you are smothered with an uptempo freezing wind of a riff.  It impresses the listener with a unsupressed feeling of desperation.  The production is crisp and sterile which really enhances the coldness and calculating inhumanity of Koldbrann's style.  The drumming is pretty varied and I love some of Fordervelse's fills and I really enjoy it when he rides that cymbal.  A steady cymbal ride is so underrated in my book.  Koldbrann are quite a pleasant infusion of aural hatred to my ears.  While listening to them I feel enveloped with a sense of apocalyptic desolation.  Atomvinter builds a promising foundation upon which to build the upcoming full-length Moribund.


For those interested in purchasing this release please write kontakt@koldbrann.net