Between Two Worlds

Nuclear Blast 2006

And finally we have some new musical output from Abbath.  And man is it a pretty damn good slab of metal.  It is nice to see Immortal's Original drummer Armagedda back in the music scene and also to see Demonaz doing lyrical contributions again.  Everyone has been talking about these guys lately and all the different things they hear and so on.  I agree with most of it but I don't really hear the Motorhead influence except maybe in the first song, The Storm I Ride which incidentally is the promo single that everyone has been hearing.  The main influences I can detect are Manowar and later day Bathory due to the massively epic nature of most of the material on Between Two Worlds.  Also parallels/similarities can be drawn to certain aspects of At the Heart of Winter and Sons of Northern Darkness era Immortal.  The biggest recognition of that style will come to the forefront when Battalions quickly strums out of the speakers.  It's uptempo crunch just reeks of Immortal and their influence cannot be denied.  My favorite songs are Warriors and Mountains with their bombastic and crystalline majesty triumphantly echoing through my head.  Oddly enough though to me the most boring song is the title track.  You don't usually find that with an album.  The riffs are so catchy and bouncy with a sense of grandeur and history.  I almost feel like I am hearing tales of olden days spun to the music of a modern era.  These songs bridge the gap somehow between the old and the new.  Even surprisingly several classy and wonderfully crafted guitar solos manage to infuse rock and roll roots into the pages of Between Two Worlds with the best example coming on Mountains.  Abbath's vocals are not as harsh as with immortal but as the album progresses along they become more and more grim.  The production is crystal clear and obviously a lot of time and money was invested in this album.  If you are still feeling the absence of Immortal then I will certainly fill that void as Immortal's catchier and way more epic brother.