Chaos is my Name

Hydra Head Records 2006

I'd be surprised if a more disturbing piece of music came out this year.  Between the phantom guitar screeches of James Plotkin (Khanate), the somber ambient womb rumblings and the maniacally insane vocal desecration of Runhild Gammelsaeter (Thor's Hammer) the I find myself in a nightmare with no end, just different levels of terror.  The album starts off with hellish oral screams underpinned by a throbbing and extremely chaotic guitar.  Both give the impression of unfettered animosity but in very different ways.  This mental abyss gives way to calm yet equally smothering ambient minimalism.  Just as you are feeling comfortable yet somewhat uneasy the thunderously discordant guitar and earsplitting shrieking madness rears its insane head once again.  The back and forth interplay of these two themes continues throughout the album and really give me the impression of one long continuous musical odyssey rather than the 8 tracks (named I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VII) that comprise the appropriately named Chaos is My Name.  This is for fans of extreme art only.  The best way I can describe Khlyst is if you can picture the witches from Aghast smashing in John Zorn's (Painkiller/Naked City) face with a guitar!  And even this imagery really doesn't do the music justice.  Khlyst's Chaos is My Name might not be a journey everyone should take but those who are brave enough venture into this realm will certainly find very little comfort or sleep that night I can assure you.  Artistic brilliance?  Maybe.  Sheer madness?  Most assuredly so!!!!!!!!