Lost Eden

Cycle Repeats

Candlelight 2007

It is a worldwide ever-expanding phenomenon and now Japan has thrown its hat into the ring of Gothenburg styled death metal with its favorite sons Lost Eden.  These far eastern metal heads though have managed to create a much broader sound by incorporating clean vocals, keyboards, metal core riffs, and many other stylistic infusions into a seamless amalgam of harmonious metal.  The songwriting is catchier than Ebola stuffed through an open wound.   My favorite part of their uniqueness is their use of almost techno/industrial sonic textures such as the intro Seed or the opening to Forsaken Last.  It adds a touch of modern sorrow that I haven't heard from any other metal band that I can think of.  As a matter of fact it sounds a little contradictory since their overtones of the music are really poppy and "happy" but there is a strong undercurrent of sadness lying right beneath the surface and it manages to make itself the primary theme from time to time on Cycle Repeats.  These guys formed lost Eden in 2000 and have put those many years between then and now with their debut album to great use.  Their technical proficiency and skill writing memorable songs have been honed to a razor edge.  It is simply stunning how effortless it seems for them to go from a clean melodic lead to some clean vocal harmonies and then pounce on a massive mosh inducing chugging riff as is the case on Planetoid.  But the most powerful section on the whole album is the opening to Before Burning to Ashes with that killer electronic passage that is overtaken by a churning melodic guitar that burns with its intensity.  Their Swedish brethren would be proud.  Especially with the lead work on that track.  With Cycle Repeats, Lost Eden have crafted a solid though not spectacular addition to the worldwide phenomenon of highly melodic death metal created by such massive originators like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, and At The Gates.  Lost Eden is a much better band than many of the myriad of purveyors of this style these days and if you like this style then they certainly merit your attention.  This is not my usual cup of tea so these guys must be doing something right.