Denial Fiend

Demo 2006


I guess Denial Fiend could be viewed as a supergroup of sorts being that it features Kam Lee(Massacre), Terry Butler(Six Feet Under), Sam Williams(Down By Law), and Curtis Beeson(Nasty Savage).  But that would be simplifying what is really going on here.  What we have is a collaboration of like minded individuals paying a sort of death metal tribute to cult horror classics in their own personalized way.  Son of the Creature opens with some clean guitar and bass before bombastically chanting/shouting its declaration that the listener will be eviscerated.  On their demo 2006 Denial Fiend treat us to 3 songs of some interesting and powerful death metal where they utilize some creative riff combinations such as at the 3:50 mark of Son of the Creature and at the 1:50 mark of Cover me in Blood.  But I think my favorite part of the demo is at the 1:30 mark of the Son of the Creature with its borderline melodic riff that jerks my fist into the air while Kam Lee shrieks an unheeded warning to all who might disregard the danger presented by that loathsome creature from the Black Lagoon.  The song writing is especially strong for a demo release but I would expect nothing less from a band composed of such veteran scene stalwarts.  This is a demo that pays tribute to the masters but is not restrained by a need to not explore new territory.  I have heard from a really reliable source that they have already signed a deal for an album but are just biding their time to announce it.  Based on this material I can understand why a deal was sent their way.