Edgerunner Records 2007


I recognized instantly upon hearing their demo and 7” awhile back that Diskord were going to be something special and their new album Doomscapes has proven me so right.  After a mountain of delays we are finally treated to the latest bulldozer of old school yet progressive death metal from these Norwegian masters.  This time around Diskord has matured and shed many of the old Carbonized musical references that I heard in their early material and in their place has risen a more brutal and pummeling sound that reveals hints of early masters like Carcass, Morbid Angel, Death, Autopsy and so on.  As a matter of fact the sort of morbid sludge that Autopsy purveyed has been sharpened and tightened up somewhat and then spat out with equal venom by Diskord on such tracks as Absurreality, Inane Existence, and Harbinger.  Eyvind’s chunky bass lines are superb and Hans Jorgen’s drumming is loose and almost sloppy (in a good way) but with a purpose towards being organic and bludgeoning.  He can be razor harp when required and that is often with as many time and tempo changes as these guys incorporate within the framework of each song.  Oddly enough though my favorite song, Pervasive Discreteness is also the shortest.  It strikes me hard with just the write notes with its distorted guitar feedback and layered vocals kicking in teeth over its slowly creeping main guitar riff.  The blitzing antiharmonic riffs over rapid fire drums on such tracks like Overstrain really call to mind Carcass.  That is at least until the psychedelic guitar lead usurps the song’s momentum.  Many different tangents are explored by Diskord and this includes their tactful and tasteful use of Didgeridoo (Reptilian Ancestry) and Accordian (Instauration).  Another angle that reveals just how different minded these “artists” truly is their choice in cover art which is a truly bizarre yet somehow appropriate piece done by Sindre Skancke and has to be seen to be understood.  This theme is continued through out the booklet with various pages adorned by additional pieces of his and serve only to enhance the killer hand scribbled lyric sheets.  Diskord have taken what can only be termed as an Old School approach to writing death metal and then modernized it with an open minded slant on instrumentation and song structure.  They have achieved what may be the best pure death metal album to come out of Norway in more than a decade with their masterwork, Doomscapes.  The Future belongs to Diskord.