Funeral Procession


VAN Records 2006

With traditional black metal there is really not much in the way of innovation so when listening to a band that practices in these dark arts the main things that separate the good from the average or even bad bands is songwriting and emotional and spiritual conviction.  Funeral Procession is just such a purveyor of the early 90s styled malevolence and then I must evaluate how they stack up against their peers.  Quite well, I am forced to concede.  Their brand of "Total Black Metal" is cold and lifeless as Pluto circling in its icy outer void and recalls the glory days of early 90s black metal such as Darkthrone's Under a Funeral Moon.  When Moonshine is the Only Light is so moving to me when it opens up with the clean guitars and funeral marching slowness that give way to hard hitting gusts of frigid riffing and the guitar breaks in the middle make me want to maim myself in tribute to the dark one below.  Funeral Procession does a good job of mixing tempos and moods within the confines of such a rigid style which helps the album hold my attention in a stronger grip than it might otherwise.  a good example is on the ending track Millennium of Revenge/ Jerusalem in Ashes where the song marches along at a funeral pace and then rips into a blizzard of melodic riffing and insane drumming only to crawl back into despair again.  Count Gothmog's vokillz are putrid screeches of glacial indifference casting walls of sleet upon the hearts of all who hear him.  Ironically Gothmog was a fire demon(Balrog) from J. R. R. TOLKIEN's The Silmarillion yet Funeral Procession is nothing but an eternal wasteland of snow.  Funeral Procession has summoned forth an evocation of blasphemous arctic might that proves there is still magic brooding in the deep recesses of the dark night.