Faceless.Nameless.Shapeless 2004

Ghoul-cult is a perfect example of a band that quit before their potential had been achieved.  They were a young band full of potential and an actual identity that separated them somewhat from their peers.  Ghoul-cult basked in the dirt and grime that seemed caked to all their instruments.  They took the primitive aspects of early Sodom and updated them for the new era of black thrash but still sounded rooted in the past.  This posthumous LP format only release is actually a compilation of their final two songs, their Night of a Thousand Ghouls demo and one song from their Initiation to the Cult demo.  Their final two songs in the form of Infernal Upheaval and Trionfo della Morte were a much broader and more modern affair than their earlier work but they still maintained that underground and primitive feel.  They reminded me a little of their contemporaries Vesen or maybe even a little Audiopain with their more complex structures and cleaner (but still muddy) production.  I guess having them produced in FiasCo studios didn't help in that respect.  this LP also contains the entire Night of a Thousand Ghouls demo with its laughing jackhammer of a song Fucked by the Living Dead which is about some necrophiliacs who fall victim to revenge seeking zombies that have a little tit-for-tat payback in mind.  Classic.  I love the chorus of the one song off their Initiation demo, Storming Through the Bastions.   I can cheer along to that one all day.  Sometimes I still have hope that they will reform and release some more killer metal but I know this is just a faded dream.  Cheers to Johnny Tombthrasher.  May Ghoul-Cult rest(less) in peace.