Glorior Belli

Manifesting the Raging Beast

Southern Lord Recordings 2007

Eerie and beautiful in its mystical musings, the new Glorior Belli album, Manifesting the Raging Beast makes an immediate impact.  France seems to be pouring out the vaults with an endless stream of talented and otherworldly black metal bands with such acts as Deathspell Omega, Obscurus Advocam, Blut Aus Nord, Peste Noir and of course Glorior Belli.  Most of the material found on Manifesting the Raging Beast is of the mid-tempo variety and relies heavily on mood and atmosphere which sort of makes the "raging" part of the title sort of misleading as there are only a few truly raging parts.  On the rare occasions where their fury is unleashed such as on Severed from the Self and and my favorite track Manifesting the Raging Beast Glorior Belli transforms into a ferocious maelstrom.  But for me the album works best when it is plumbing the depths of the void in its slower parts such as in the dizzying Deadly Sparks or even when it alternates between the two styles such as on Sinister Resonance.  When they keep the music slower the true creepiness of their songwriting style is allowed to slowly and methodically seep into the listener's psyche and destroy him from within the mind.  The production is clear yet very dark and cold in its feel.  The guitars seems to be on the verge of extended drone feedback without actually making it and instead crackle with a morbid electricity.  A lot of time and effort has gone not only into the musical an lyrical content on this album but also into the artistic direction which enhances my view of Glorior Belli being a band of considerable depth and thought.  Glorior Belli has a feel of dark magic at work and takes up a role as sort of France's answer to Germany's Secrets of the Moon though I wouldn't want to belittle Glorior Belli's status within the scene.  I am just saying musically and spiritually they fill similar roles.  I magic mystery and a depth beyond that of the average black metal band is what you seek then Manifesting the Raging Beast will devour your soul and entrance your spirit.