Twilight Records 2006


Finally Koldbrann's new album is here.  This is an extremely biting affair.  Moribund encompasses blistering rhythms and a flurry of frenzied drumming layer within this ice drenched affair.  This is a clinically modern black metal affair that triumphs were many others fail (see Satyricon).  Moribund is freezing cold musically but doesn't sound organic like the forest oriented traditional black metal of bands such as Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder or Kampfar.  It has more in common with modern Mayhem or Satyricon or Khold.  A prime example of Koldbrann achieving this feat can be found on the track Djevelens Tresheverk, where there is a mid-tempo disharmonic buildup to a cacophonous avalanche of hissing black metal.  My favorite song is Skvadron with its hypnotic main riff that swirls in around itself like waves of abyssic infinity.  And it is sheer genius when it breaks down into that humming bass and cymbal ride which form the foundation for the vocal bitterness spewed on top of the entire framework.  The production is again sterile like on their Atomvinter 7" and once again it really suits the music and causes those drifting anti-melodic guitar passages to really grab me and pull me into the sonic canvas they are painting on.  One thing though is the drums do sound somewhat natural and lack the heavy triggers one might expect on a release like this.  That little aspect helps keep songs somewhat grounded sound wise.  The album is a little on the long side but manages to hold my attention throughout the whole journey.  Why is it that a band like Koldbrann can write such engaging music while others fail at the same style?  That is a question that will plague for a time to come.