Necrospiritual Deathcore

Planet Satan Revolution 2006

I have been intrigued by Amok since I heard their split with Audiopain.  That interest in Amok wasn't in vain.  Based around the suicide cult of the Reverend Jim Jones, Necrospiritual Deathcore utilizes ample amounts of samples taken from FBI tapes of Jim Jones and his cult conversing on some pretty morbid and revolutionary topics, mainly suicide!  Necrospiritual Deathcore starts off traditionally enough as a blend of intense death metal and thrash.  But early on you can tell there is something unique about Amok.  From their use of bizarre samples to the untraditional guitar solos and industrial leanings of the second half of the album.  I' d almost say this was two different albums melded into one cohesive core.  The first 6 tracks are more  straightforward and starting with Postapokalyptisk Korstog the industrial and more experimental songs come to the forefront.  And the last three songs are like a trilogy of a continuous theme and style that just evolves and varies from track to track the best of which is the closer Goatflesh Removal(Gloria in Excelsis Deo) due to its great main guitar line and it kills me when it speeds up at the 2:50 mark for some seriously hard hitting thrashing metal madness.  I have some seriously haunted dreams after listening to some of these later tracks.  The almost chanted doctrine of the cult along with the smothering layers of guitars and drumming certainly gives me the impression of being trapped while viewing my inevitable doom hurtling towards me.  Providentialism is my favorite track with its nearly black metal riffing and hollow doomy riffing that introduce an awesome bluesy guitar solo that is more at home within the song structure than I would have thought it would be.  Amok has created an album that is both interesting and mind numbingly heavy.  And I think it is a testament to their skills as songwriters that they are able to achieve this result using such diverse methods and styles.  "There is no legitimate reason for leaving, No Way Out!"  Drink the Cool-aid!!!!!