#'s, A - B C D
0XiST = Nil  Cadaver = Necrosis Daren = Promo 2010
303 Committee = S/T  Caldera = Mist Through Your Consciousness Dark Castle = Spirited Migration
A Second from The Surface = The Streets Have Eyes  Caliginous = Reap the Atrocity Dark Celebration = Phlegeton
A Forest Of Stars = The Corpse of Rebirth  Canvas Solaris = Cortical Tectonics Dark The Suns = In Darkness Comes Beauty
A Forest Of Stars = Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring  Carpathian Forest = Skjend Hans Lik Darkshine = Ten Years
A Storm Of Light = Forgive Us Our Trespasses  Carpathian Forest = Fuck You All! Darkthrone = Sardonic Wrath
A Storm Of Light = Nations To Flames  Cattle = S/T EP Darkthrone = Too Old Too Cold
Abigail = Raw Black Thrashing Madness Split 7" w/ Evil  Cauchemar = Tenebrario Darkthrone = The Cult is Alive
Abigail Williams = Legend  Caves = Get On With It Darkthrone = NWOBHM
Abnorm = Split demo CD w/Necros

 Cease.and.Desist = Reeling in Protest

Darkthrone = FOAD
Aboriorth = Anchorite  Celtic Frost = Monotheist Darkthrone = Dark Thrones and Black Flags
Absu = S/T  Centuries = Taedium Vitae Darkthrone = The Underground Resistance
Abwerhschlacht = Demo/promo 2010  Cessation of Life = Path of Totality DASAP = S/T
The Accused = The Curse of Martha Splatterhead  Charnel Valley = The Igneous Race Dawn of Demise = Hate Takes its Form
Acephalix = Deathless Master  Chingalera = Dose Dawnbringer = In Sickness and in Dreams
Acherontas = Vamachara  Christian Mistress = Agony & Opium The Day of the Beast = S/T
Acid Witch = Witchtanic Hellucinations  Chthonian = Of Beatings and the Silence in Between Daylight Dies = Lost to the Living
Acrimonious = Sunyata  Cianide = Gods of Death De Magia Veterum = Migdal Bavel
Across Tundras = Dark Songs of the Prairie  Circus Maximus = Isolate De Magia Veterum = The Divine Antithesis
Across Tundras = Sage  Clagg = Lord of the Deep The Dead = Ritual Executions
Ad Patres = Prophecies Of The Beheaded (split w/Writhing)  Cleanse Your Demons = Demo 2010 Dead In The Dirt = The Blind Hole
Aderlating = Gospel Of The Burning Idols  Climber = The Mystic Deadbird = Twilight Ritual
Aenaon = Phenomenon  Cloak Of Altering = Plague Beasts Deadly Frost / Exmortum = The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery
Aetherius Obscuritas = Black Medicine  <code> = Nouveau Gloaming Deadly Frost / Daren = Kill The Posers / Obsesje
Affliction Gate = Severance  Colosseum = Chapter 1: Delirium Deadly Frost = Voices From Hell
Age/Sex/Occupation = This Side Of The Fence  Condor = S/T Deadsea = S/T
Agrimonia = Rites Of Separation  Confessor = Sour Times Deadtothisworld = First Strike for Spiritual Renewance
Akitsa = Aupres de La Mort, Triomphant 7"  Confessor = Unraveled Death Invoker = Demo 2010
Akrival = Vitriolic  Conspiracy = Concordat Deathcult = Cult of the Dragon
Aksaya = Troisieme Guerre  Convivial Hermit Issue Four Deathening = Open Up and Swallow
Aldaaron = Nous Reviendrous Immortels  Copremesis = Muay Thai Ladyboys Deathgate Arkanum = Seelen
Alghazanth = Wreath of Thevetat  Cosmic Ekpyrosis = Nil Sine Deo (Split w/ Ars Macabra) Deathhammer = When the Hammer Strikes....the Exterminator Arrives split w/Korgull The Exterminator
Alienation Cold = Nothing, Nobody, Never  Craft = Fuck the Universe Deathhammer = Onward To The Pits
All Pigs Must Die = God Is War  Craft = Void Deathmoor = Opus Morte
All Pigs Must Die = Nothing Violates This Nature  Crescent Shield = The Stars of Never Seen Deathspell Omega = Kenose
Altaar = S/T  Crionics = Neuthrone Deathspell Omega = Fas-Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Altars = Engulfed (split w/ Heaving Earth)  Crown = The One Deathspell Omega = Chaining the Katechon
Amenra = Mass V  Crucified Mortals = S/T Deathstench = Massed In Black Shadow
Amnion = Cryptic Wanderings  Cryfemal = Apoteosis Oculta Debauchery = Continue to Kill
Amok = Necrospiritual Deathcore  Cultes Des Ghoules = Haxan Decayed = The Black Metal Flame
An Autumn For Crippled Children = Lost  Cyaegha = Steps of Descent Decaying Purity = Phases of Dimensional Torture
Anael = From Arcane Fires   Decaying Purity = The Existence of Infinite Agony
Ancient Tundra = Equinox (split w/Old Forgotten Lands)   Deceased = Supernatural Addiction
Ancient Tundra = These Engulfing Winds Never Die (split w/Symbiosis)   Deceiver = Thrashing Heavy Metal
Andy Gassaway = Hellfire   December's Cold Winter = Ablaze All Shrines
Animus Mortis = Mysteriis Vox Divina 7"   Decline Of The I = Inhibition
Antaeus = Blood Libels   Deep Desolation = Subliminal Visions
Antichrist = Burned Beyond Recognition   Deep Desolation = Chapel of Fear Split w/ Iugulatus / Primal
Aosoth = Ashes of Angels   Deep Desolation = Rites Of Blasphemy
Arabrot = S/T   Defiant = Era Of Substitution
Aras = Epic of Sorrow   Deiphago = Satan Alpha Omega
Arawn = The Call of Cyhyraeth   Dekapited = Bestial Castigation Split w/ Terrordome
Arawn = Welsh Black Metal   Delirium Bound = Dissonance and Death
Architect Of Disease = Open The Hearts   Demahum = Promo 2011
Arckanum = Trulen   Demonic Cremator = Demo 1
Arfsynd = S/T Demonic Cremator = Crucified
Arghoslent = Hornets of the Pogrom Demontuary = Of the Fallen Years
Arise = The Reckoning Denial Fiend = Demo 2006
Arkona = Wszechzlodowacenie Denial Of God = Death And The Beyond
Armagedda = Ond Spiritism  Denouncement Pyre = Almighty Arcanum
Armagedon = Invisible Circle Deranged = The Redlight Murder Case
Ars Macabra = Hate Induced TranceDesolation = Eternity of Hell
Ars Macabra = Nil Sine Deo (Split w/ Cosmic Ekpyrosis) Destroyer 666 = To the Devil His Due
Artep = Thy Will Be Done On Earth As Is Done In HellDestruction = Thrash Anthems
A. S. 777 = S/T (Demo 2009)Destruction = DEVOLUTION
Assassin = The ClubDetrimentum = Embracing This Deformity
Assaulter = Salvation Like Destruction Devast = Art of Extermination
Astral Aeon = Allegories of LightDevil = Magister Mundi Xum
Astral Luminous = Lunaric TideDevil = Time To Repent
ASVA = What You Don't Know is FrontierDevil = Gather The Sinners
Athos = Were There Before They Born (split w/ Lord Impaler)The Devil's Blood = Time of No Time Evermore
Attomica = Limits Of InsanityDevils Whorehouse = Blood & Ashes
Audiopain = The TraumatizerDevilish Impressions = Plurima Mortis Imago
Audiopain = A Bomb's ViewDevilish Impressions = Diabolicanos
Audiopain = The Switch to Turn Off MankindDichotic = The Deepest Rise
Audiopain = Split 7" w/ NekromantheonDie Hard = Nihilistic Vision
Aura Noir = The MercilessDie Hard = Conjure The Legions
Aura Noir = Out To DieDie Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind = Am Ufer Des Sees
Auroch = From Forgotten WorldsDie Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind = Verarbeitung Eines Schmerzes
Aurvandil = ThronesDimension F3H = Does the Pain Excite You?
Austere = Withering Illusions and DesolationDimension Zero = He Who Shall Not Bleed
Avichi = The Divine TragedyDimensional Psychosis = Architecture of Realities
Avsky = ScornDimentianon = Hossanus Novus Ordo Seclurum
Ax = ExtirpationDisentomb = Sunken Chambers of Nephilim
Axis Powers = Marching Towards Destruction Diskord = Aural Abjection/HDFH
Azziard = VesanieDiskord = Doomscapes
Balmog = Testimony Of The AbominableDiskord = Dystopics
Banished From Inferno = MinotaurDiskreet = Infernal Rise
Baptists = Bushcraft Dismember = Where Iron Crosses Grow
Baptists = BloodminesDismember = S/T
Baroness/Unpersons = A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk Dissection = Starless Aeon
The Batallion = Stronghold of MenDistrust = No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished
The Batallion = Head Up HighDjevel = Dodssanger
The Beast Of The Apocalypse = A Voice From the Four Horns of the Golden AltarDjevel = Besatt Av Maane Og Natt
The Beast Of The Apocalypse = HenosisDÍ = EP
Beastcraft = Baptised in Blood and GoatsemenDodsengel = Mirium Occultum
Beherit = At The Devil's Studio 1990Dodsferd = Until Your World Go Down split w/ Mortovatis
Beneath Wind And Waves = Non-EtreDrastus = Taphos
Benighted = AvgrundshjartaDraugnim = Northwind's Ire
Benighted = Demo 2010Druid Lord = Hymns For The Wicked
Benighted = Ballad Rage Part 1Dusk = Book of Satan
Berserk = Live From the WoodsDusted Angel = S/T 7"
Bestia Arcana = To Anabainon Ek Tes AbyssuDystopia = Haat
Bible of the Devil = The Diabolic Procession
Bible of the Devil = Freedom Metal
The Black = Alongside Death
Black Breath = Razor to Oblivion
Black Breath = Heavy Breathing
Black Breath = Sentenced To Life
Black Cobra = Feather and Stone
Black Cobra = Chronomega
Black Cobra = Invernal
Black Crow King = To Pay The Debt Of Nature
Black Crucifixion = Faustian Dream
Black Elk = S/T
Black Elk = Always a Six, Never a Nine
Black Hammer = The Horror Demo
Black Lotus = Harvest of Seasons
Black Magic Mountain Goat = 001
Black Pussy = On Blonde
Black River = Black N Roll  
Black Rock = Demo 2013
Black Silence = Into the Lightless Depths
Bladesmith = Split with Ohvrikivi
BL'AST = Blood!
Bleeding Fist = Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus
Blodsgard = Nuclear Extinction
Blodsgard = Solve Et Coagula
Blood Cult = We Are the Cult of the Plains
Blood Legion = Promo 2012
BloodRedThrone = S/T
Blood Tsunami = Thrash Metal
Blood Tsunami = For Faen!
Bloodbound = Unholy Cross
Bloodline = Hate Procession
Blut Aus Nord = Mort
Blut Aus Nord = Odinist
Blut Aus Nord = Memoria Vetusta II
Blutch = Materia    
Bog Of The Infidel = To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After Your Daughters
Bolt Thrower = Those Once Loyal    
Bolzer = Soma
Bomberos = Hate    
Bone Cave Ballet = Will Of The Waves
Bone Gnawer = Feast of Flesh    
Bonedome = Thinktankubator
Bones = S/T
Bong = Beyond Ancient Space
BornBroken = The Healing Powers Of Hate
Bosse-De-Nage = ii
Bradley Wik and the Charlatans = Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest
Brainstorm = On The Spur Of The Moment
Brown Jenkins = Dagonite    
Brown Jenkins = Angel Eyes    
Brutal Truth = End Time
Bulletbelt = Down In The Cold Of The Grave
Burial Hordes = Devotion to Unholy Creed    
Burning Love = Rotten Thing To Say
Burzum = Anthology