E - H I - K L - M
Eagle Twin = The Unkindness of Crows  I = Between Two Worlds  Lacerater = Nessun Urlo Nell'Ombra
Eagle Twin = The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale  I Left The Planet = S/T  Laceration Mantra = Prolonging The Pain
Earth = Hibernaculum  I Shalt Become = Requiem  Lair of the Minotaur = War Metal Battle Master DVD
Earth = A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction  IA Serpentor = Onoskelis  Lake of Blood = Heed the Primal Calling
Earth = Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 1  Ibex Throne = Total Inversion  Lake Of Tears = Illwill
Earth = Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light II  Iblis = Menthell   Lashblood = Philosophy of Self-Flagellation
Earthen Grave = S/T  Icethrone = See You In Valhall  Lastwar = Skazani Na Zaglade
Egzekuthor = Czas Sumienia  Iconoclast Contra = Combat Is The Voice Of The Heathen  Lathspell = Reborn in Retaliation
Egzekuthor = Hateful Subconscious  Ides of Gemini = Constantinople  Led To The Grave = S/T
Ekove Efrits = Conceptual Horizon  Ignitor = Road of Bones  The Legion = A Bliss To Suffer
Electric Shepherd = The Imitation Garden  The Illness = A Monument To Our Gilded Age  Legiones = EP 2011
Electric Wizard = Witchcult Today  Illustrations = In Vain  Leif Edling = Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy
Elimi = Asylum  Immortal Rites = For Tyrant's Sake  Lightning Swords of Death / Valdur = Split CD
Eliminator = The One They Were Waiting For  Immundus = Haunted Memories  Likblek = S/T
Eljudner = Blod Og Kvad  Impiety = Paramount Evil  Limbonic Art = Legacy of Evil
Embalmed = Exalt The Imperial Beast  Impiety = Dominator  Llynch = We Are Our Ghosts
Embrional = Absolutely Anti-human Behaviors  Impiety = Terroreign  Lobotomy = Cold
Embryonic Devourment = Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy  In Battle = Soul Metamorphosis  Lobotomy = Death
Eminence = God of All Mistakes  In Battle = Kingdom of Fear  Lord Belial = Revelation
Emrevoid = S/T  In Vain = The Latter Rain  Lord Impaler = Were There Before They Born (split w/ Athos)
Enabler = All Hail The Void  Incipient Chaos = Sulphur  Lords Of Bukkake = Desagravio
Enbilulugugal = Noizemongers for Goatserpent  Incorporea = Tongue of the Moribund  Los Kikes = S/T
Endezzma = Alone  Inculter = Stygian Deluge  Loss = Four Burials (Split w/ Otesanek /Orthodox / Mournful Congregation)
Endezzma = Erotik Nekrosis  Inculter = Split 7" w/ Reptilian  Lost Eden = Cycle Repeats
Endstille = Endstilles Reich  Infant Death = Cursed To Damnation Demo  Luciferius Omnipotens = S/T
Endstille = Verfuhrer  Infernal Stronghold = Godless Noise  Lumbar = The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome
Enemy Reign = Means To A Dead End  Inferno = Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell  Lydia Laska = We're Nothing Compared to Ourselves
Engel = Absolute Design  Inferno = Metal Commando Attack  Mabuse = Nekromagic
Englemaker = S/T  Inferno = Black Devotion  Madrost = Maleficent
Enslaved = Isa  Insane = Hollow Death Demo  Maegashira = The Stark Arctic
Enslaved = Ruun  Insane = Interment Of Life MLP  Magister Templi = Iao Sabao!
Enthral = Obtenebrate  Insomnium = Above the Weeping World  Magister Templi = Lucifer Leviathan Logos
Entombed = Serpent Saints  Instinct = S/T  Magnuson = Crash of Cassini
Entrails = Reborn  Insult = Abysmal Incantations  Malevolent Creation = 1987
Ephel Duath = On Death And Cosmos  Insulters = We Are The Plague  Malfeitor = Incubus
Epistasis = Light Through Broken Glass  Integrity = Black Heksen Rise 7"  Malsain = The Disease
Epitimia = Faces of Insanity  Integrity = Suicide Black Snake  Manes = How the World Came to an End
Esoteric = The Maniacal Vale  Intronaut = The Challenger  Marduk = Rom 5:12
Ethernal = Grim Ethernity  Intronaut = Void  Marduk = Warschau
Evil = Raw Black Thrashing Madness Split 7" w/Abigail  Iperyt = Totalitarian Love Pulse  Mares Of Thrace = The Pilgrimage
Excidium = Infernal Oath  Irepress = Samus Octology  Markiz De Sade = Judasz 1985
Excidium = Decimation  Iron Hearse = S/T  Martriden = S/T
Excommunicated = Skeleton Key  Ishtar = Krig  Martyrdod = Paranoia
Excrementum Luciferi = Nos Inducas Tuum Fetidness  Iskald = Shades of Misery  Masakari = The Prophet Feeds
Execration = Odes Of The Occult  Israthoum = Monument of Brimstone  Mass Burial = Of Carrion and Pestilence
Exiled From Light = Descending Further Into Nothingness  Israthoum = Black Poison And Shared Wounds  Masteriis = Demo 2011
Exiled From Light = There is No Beauty Left Here  Iugulatus = Chapel of Fear Split w/ Primal / Deep Desolation  Masteriis = Dodsdom
Extinction = Down Below the Fog  Iugulatus = Satanic Pride  Matadors = Flame the Whisper
Ezra Holbrook = Save Yourself  IXXI = Elect Darkness  Mekanik = Der Mekanik Grooves
Famine = S/T  J Minus = Devil Music  Meliah Rage = Death Valley Dream
Faust = From Glory to Infinity  Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion = Till Death Tear Us Part  The Memorials = S/T
Fed To The Wolves = Disappointment  Jewish Juice = Hidden Into Rotten  The Memorials = Delirium
Ferox = Insides Out At The Mortuary Gates  Judge Jackson = Drive  Mephorash = Death Awakens
The Few Against Many = SOT  Kampfar = Kvass  Mephorash = Chalice Of Thagirion
Fight Amp = Hungry for Nothing  K.A.S.K. = Brutal Abstraction  Merciless Death = Eternal Condemnation
Finngalkn = Horns Against Heaven  Katatonia = The Great Cold Distance/My Twin  Merciless Death = Holocaust
Fjorsvartnir = Legions Of The North  Katharsis = World Without End  Merciless Death = Sick Sanctities
Flagellated Seraph = Beyond Salvation  Keep of Kalessin = Armada  Merciless Death = From Hell
Flame = March Into Firelands  Kermania = Ahnenwerk  Metamorphosis = Born of Might
Fleurety = Evoco Bestias  Khlyst = Chaos is My Name  Methadrone = Retrogression
The Foetal Mind = Supreme Cheminement  Khold = Krek  Methadrone = Sterility
The Foetal Mind = The Grand Contraction  Khold = Morke Gravers Kammer  Microtia = Spacemaker
The Foreshadowing = Days of Nothing  Khold = Hundre ar Gammal  Microwaves = Contagion Heuristic
Formloff = Adjo Silo  Khors = Mysticism  Midnattsvrede = Demo 13
Formloff = Spyhorelandet  Kill = Burning Blood  Midnight = Satanic Royalty
Fortress = Modern Days Society  Kilte = Emission Through Self Infliction Split CD  Midnight = Complete And Total Hell
Fred Roth Revue = Fred Not Amused  Knights of the Abyss = Juggernaut  Misanthropic Art = The Streams Of Terror
Frigoris = Wind  Koldbrann = Stigma Pa Kant Med Livet  Mistress of the Dead = Weeping Silence of the Dead
Frostgrave = Hymn of the Dead  Koldbrann = Moribund  Mithras = Behind the Shadows Lie Madness
Fuck The Facts = Die Miserable  Koldbrann = Atomvinter  Mongrels Cross = The Sins Of Aquarius
The Fucking Wrath = Season of Evil  Kollapse = Split 7" w/ No Fealty  Moonspell = Night Eternal
Funeral = From These Wounds  The Konsortium = Demo 2008  Morbid Vision = Visions Of The Morbid Rites
Funeral Fornication = Solitude and Suicide  The Konsortium = S/T  Mord = Christendom Perished
Funeral Fornication = Split with Uruk-Hai  Korgull The Exterminator = When the Hammer Strikes....the Exterminator Arrives split w/ Deathhammer  Morethanthis = S/T 7"
Funeral Fornication = Pandemic Transgression  Korgull The Exterminator = Metal Fist Destroyer  Morpheus = Promo 2006
Funeral Goat = Mass Ov Perversion Kostnitsa = Temple Pestis Mort = Split 7" w/ Ungod
Funeral Mourning = Emission Through Self Infliction Split CD Kratornas = Over the Fourth Part of the Earth Mortal Slaughter = Destiny / Roots of Evil
Funeral Mourning = Drown in Solitude  Kratornas = The Corroding Age of Wounds  Mortal Slaughter = Lepers
Funeral Procession = S/T Kreator = Enemy of God Mortovatis = Until Your World Go Down split w/Dodsferd
Furze = UTD  Kreator = Hordes of Chaos  Mortuus = De Contemplanda Morte
Furze = Reaper Subconscious Guide  Krisiun = AssassiNation  Motorik = Klang!
Furze = Psych Minus Space Control    Mournful Congregation = Four Burials (Split w/ Otesanek /Loss/ Orthodox)
Galaktik Cancer Squad = Ghost Light    Mouth of the Architect = The Ties that Blind
Galar = Til Alle Heimsens Endar Mouth of the Architect = Quietly
Gallhammer = Ill Innocence Mr. Death = Detached From Life
Gamma Ray = Land of the Free II Mr. Death = Descending Through Ashes
Genocide = Apocalyptic Visions Murderplan = Let's Roll
Gentlemans Pistols = S/T Musicart Project = The Black Side Of The Moon
George Glass = Welcome Home My Own Grave = Necrology
Germ = Wish
Gestapo 666 = Nostalgiah
Ghost (Pol) = The Lost Of Mercy
Ghoul-Cult = S/T
Gift Of Gods = Receive
Glorior Belli = Manifesting the Raging Beast
Gnaw Their Tongues = An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood  
Gnaw Their Tongues = All The Dread Magnificence of Perversity  
Goatpsalm = Erset La Tari
Goatsnake = Flower of Disease
Gollum = The Core
Gorefest = Rise to Ruin
Gorgoroth = Pentagram/Antichrist/Under The Sign
Gorgoroth = Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
Gospel of the Horns = Realm of the Damned  
Grave = Dominion VIII  
Grave = Burial Ground  
Gravecode Nebula = Sempiternal Void
Graveyard = Into the Mausoleum
Grayceon = S/T
Grayceon = The Grand Show  
The Great Old Ones = Al Azif  
Grenouer = Lifelong Days
Griftegard = Solemn Sacred Severe
Grima Morstua = Illustratio per Horribilem Obsuritatem
Grotesque Hysterectomy = Reek
Grotesque Hysterectomy = Piercing Through
Grotesque Hysterectomy = Sororicide
Grue = Casualty Of The Psychic Wars
Guillotine = Blood Money
Gunslinger = Early Volumes 1
Gunslinger = Breaking Through
Haeresiarchs Of Dis = Darkest Origins (Split w/ Ophidian Forest)
The Hague = Black Rabbit
Hail of Bullets = Of Frost and War
Hammers of Misfortune = The Locust Years
The Handshake Murders = Usurper
Haraball = Sleep Tall
Harbinger = Doom On You
Hardingrock = Grimen
Harpoon = Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide
Harvestman = In A Dark Tongue
Harvestman = Trinity
Hass = Applause
Haust = NO
Headhunter = Parasite of Society
Heathen = The Evolution of Chaos
Heaving Earth = Engulfed (split w/ Altars)
Heirs = FowlHeirs = Fowl
Heirs = Hunter
Hektor = The Inner Dementia
Helde = Split w/ The Somberlain
Helheim = Kaoskult
Helheim = Asgards Fall
Helheim = Heidindomr Ok Motgangr
Hell Darkness = Heartfelt 7"
Hell Darkness = Rockin' Underground
Hellbastard = The Need to Kill
Hellbastard = Eco War
Hellias = A. D. Darkness
Hellveto = Neoheresy
Hellvetron = Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties
Hemlock = Bleed the Dream
Heresi = Psalm II-Infusco Ignis
Herpes = Doomsday    
Herpes = Awakening Of A Sleeping Madness Demo
Hesperus Dimension = The Cyclothymic Panopticon    
High Priest Of Saturn = Demo 2011
High Priest Of Saturn = S/T
High Spirits = Demos 2009    
High Spirits = Another Night
High Spirits = You Are Here
Highgate = Survival
Hiroshima Will Burn = The Weight of All Things    
Holodomor = Temoignages De La Gnose Terrestre
Holy Death = The Knight, Death and the Devil
Holy Death = Triumph of Evil?    
Holy Death = Sodomy of Megido    
Holy Death = Forever Burning Ashes
Hordes of Decay = The Kings Will Be Ready
Horns = Dominvs Umbraes
Horrid = The Final Massacre
Human Quena Orchestra = The Politics of the Irredeemable    
Humiliation = Dawn Of Warfare
Humiliation = Seek To Survive
Humiliation = From Strength to Strength