New Hardcore Mix from ME!!!!

Brad's Hardcore Mix Volume VI


Brad's Hardcore Mix Volume V


Starting the mix off on an Old school footing and then driving into the darkest, blackest realms of modern hardcore.  That's what you can expect from my new Hardcore mix.  Thanks again to Dylan for the awesome cover art.  UGH.

Brad's Hardcore Mix Volume III


"This mix starts off really metallic, even darker and harder than anything I've compiled before, yet finishes with an uplifting, spiritual side. And with the mix's central core, I wanted to show the old school roots that unite all branches of hardcore. Free yourself of the darkness of man by returning to your roots and there you will achieve enlightenment. Or, taken another way, let hardcore own your soul from one end of the spectrum to the other."

Tracklist for Still Holding Strong:

Doughnuts (Sweden) "My Black Days" (1995)
Liar (Belgium) "Winterseason" (1996)
Overcast (USA) "Absolute Threshold" (1994)
Integrity (USA) "Taste My Sin" (2003)
Jihad (USA) "War Machine" (1995)
Stabbed By Words (USA) "Words" (2005)
The Suppression Swing (USA) "Forgotten" (1997)
Insight (USA) "Walk Away" (1990)
Battery (USA) "Say It" (1996)
Brotherhood (USA) "Gain" (1989)
D.Y.S. (USA) "Wolfpack" (1983)
Youth Of Today (USA) "Thinking Straight" (1986)
Billingsgate (USA) "Hold Strong" (1990)
The Vows (USA) "Back from the Deads" (2006)
The Path Of Resistance (USA) "Broken Heroes" (1996)
Burn (USA) "Godhead" (1990)
108 (USA) "Deathbed" (1990)
4 Walls Falling (USA) "Culture Shock" (1991)
Shelter (USA) "Freewill" (1992)
Refuse To Fall (USA) "Soulfire" (1991)

You can find the other two volumes of my Hardcore Mix at the highly esteemed
A Fist In The Face Of God Blogspot

The new Death Metal Mix from Hans (Diskord) and Brad


"So many mixes and comps are being thrown about these days in certain underground circles, however it seems to me that old school late 80s/early 90s death metal has been neglected.  With that in mind I contacted the most knowledgeable death metalhead I could think of, Hans of Diskord/No Posers Please!  I wanted to conduct a collaboration to rectify this oversight.  See below the fruit of our demented labors.  All these bands are in some way underappreciated so make sure you educate yourself on some megabrutality and morbid obscurity.  Thanks again to Hans for his invaluable contributions to this death metal battle." - Brad

“Having heard the other great mixes Brad has been involved in making, it was a pleasure for me to participate in this celebration of the death metal frenzy of the late 80’s/early 90’s. I think we managed to dig out a good list of bands, some familiar ones, some you might have known only by name, and a couple of totally obscure ones. Headbang slowly to the darkness of the centuries. Thanks Brad and everyone who checks this out!” - Hans


Disgrace (Finland)  = Debt of Gods (1991)
Traumatic (Sweden) = The Hole (1996)
Convulse (Finland) = False Religion (1992)
God Macabre (Sweden) = In Grief (1993)
Devastation (USA) = Devastation (1986)
Cenotaph (Mexico) = Ashes In The Rain (1992)
Burial (USA) = Victims of Drowning (1991)
Eternal Dirge (Germany) = Out of the Eons (1992)
Carbonized (Sweden) = Monument (1991)
Absu (USA) = Immortal Sorcery (1991)
Funebre (Finland) = The Walls Held Screams (1991)
Bloodstone (Sweden) = Shadow World (1995)
Cadaver (Norway) = Bodily Trauma (1990)
Atrocity (Germany) = Humans Lost Humanity (1989)
Gorement (Sweden) = Darkness Of The Dead (1994)
Depravity (Finland) = Silence of the Centuries (1993)