Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell

Duplicate Records 2004


I must admit I have never been a big fan of Inferno.  Their brand of dirty thrash has always been overshadowed by fellow countrymen Aura Noir and Audiopain.  But their track on the Uberthrash Compilation gave me a glimmer of hope.  It was pretty much the best track on that compilation and that is saying a lot.  So I was extremely curious as to what I might find here.  I must say I was insanely pleased.  This is a dirty blend of Destruction, Venom and Motorhead.  Couple that with some insane vocals and you have a pleasurable taster for their upcoming album.  This 7" EP has two tracks that are absolute killers.  The title track is a raucous hammer of a song that just keeps upping the ante for the Over-the-top award.  I love it when about two minutes into the song it breaks down and the tempo slows all the while a chunky fast strumming is flowing over everything.  The second and sadly final song of this 7", Death Squad has a main riff that reminds me of a creeping Destruction riff that keeps alternating what tempo it bludgeons you over the head with.  And I love how the drummer rides the cymbals giving the whole opening of the song a subdued thunder.  The production, compliments of Fiasco studios, is suitably grimy here which is a perfect fit for both the music and the image of Inferno.  I am foaming at the mouth in eager anticipation of their upcoming full length called On Earth as it is in Hell.  If this is any indication to go by then this is going to be a great year for thrash.