Brad's Top 15 Full Length Albums for 2007
This was such a good year for music for me I couldn't help but make this a top 15 albums list as opposed to the normal Top 10.

(In no particular order)

Darkthrone = FOAD
Audiopain = The Switch to Turn Off Mankind
Deathspell Omega = Fas Ite
V:28 = Violution
Marduk = Rom 5:12
Irepress = Samus Octology
Obliteration = Perpetual Decay
Grayceon = S/T
Throne of Katarsis = An Eternal Dark Horizon
Vreid = I Krig
Necros Christos = Triune Impurity Rites
Rosetta = Wake/Lift
Diskord = Doomscapes
Watain = Sworn to the Dark
Mayhem = Ordo Ad Chao