Brad's Top 18 Full Length Albums for 2009
More albums than usual stood out this year.  
Here are my choices for Top 18 albums of the year for 2009.

(In no particular order)

Impiety = Terrorreign
Wolves In The Throne Room = Black Cascade
Unanimated = In the Light of Darkness
Throne of Katarsis = Helvete
Sacrifice = The Ones I Condemn
Morne = Untold Wait
Obliteration = Nekropsalms
Blut Aus Nord = Memoria II
In Solitude = S/T
Sauron = Satanic Assassins
Asphyx = Death..The Brutal Way
Harbinger = Doom On You
Salute = The Underground
Funeral Mist = Maranatha
High Spirits = Demos CD
Secrets of the Moon = Privilegium
Cauldron = Chained to the Nite
Eagletwin = The Unkindness of Crows