Brad's Top albums of 2010

In No particular Order:

Darkthrone = Circle the Wagons
Burzum = Belus
Ghost = Opus Eponymous
Masakari = the Prophet Feeds
Deathhammer = Phantom Knights
Enforcer = Diamonds
Immolation = Majesty and Decay
Triptykon = Eparistera
The Secret = Solve Et Coagula
The Batallion = Head Up High
The Wounded Kings = The Shadow Over Atlantis
Grave Desecrator = Insult

Guest list from Sindre of Obliteration/Nekromantheon

No particular order:

Deathhammer - Phantom Knights
Burzum -Belus
Beastmilk - White stains on black tape
Morbus Chron- Creepy Creaping Creeps
Bastard Priest - Under the Hammer of Destruction
Ramesses - Take the Curse
Okkultokrati - No Light For Mass
Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Swallowed - Swallowed EP/Tape
Black Magic - Reap of Evil

Comeback bonus :

Honorable mention:
OCCVLTA, Enforcer, DARKTHRONE, Knuste Ruter, The Rotting and Cauchemar. It was a good year for sick music!!!!

Guest list from Sakis of Terrordrome

1. Deathspell Omega-Paracletus
2. Ihsahn-After
3. Enslaved-Axioma Ethica Odini
4. Finnr's Cane-Wanderlust
5. Misery Index-Heirs to Thievery
6. Dark Throne-Circle the Wagons
7. Twilight-Monumnet to Time End
8. Joe Satriani-Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards
9. Nidingr-Wolf Father
10. Diskord/Obliteration/Execration/Lobotomized-Oslo We Rot