Brad Top albums of 2013

In No particular Order:

Korgull The Exterminator = Metal Fist Destroyer
Darkthrone = The Underground Resistance
Oathbreaker = Eros/Anteros
Centuries = Taedium Vitae
High Priest Of Saturn = S/T
Altaar = S/T
Cauchemar = Tenebrario
Infant Death = War
Integrity = Suicide Black Snake
No Fealty = In The Shadow Of The Monolith
Djevel = Besatt Av Maane Og Natt
Condor = S/T
Children Of God = We Set Fire To The Sky
Magister Templi = Lucifer Leviathan Logos
Obliteration = Black Death Horizon

Guest List from Rob of Unbroken/Narrows

In No particular Order:

Suede = Bloodsports
Youth Code = S/T
Hoax = S/T
Carcass = Surgical Steel
Doomriders = Grand Blood
Radioactivity = S/T
Red Hare = Nights Of Midnight
Pusha-T = My Name Is My Name
NIN = Hesitation Marks
Coliseum = Sister Faith

Guest List From Adrian of Children Of God/7 Generations

In No particular Order:

Nails = Abandon All Life
Brave Young = Will The Dust Praise You
M.I.A. = Matangi
Tim Hecker = Virgins
Deltron 3030 = Event II
The Body = Master, We Perish
Grouper = The Man Who Died In His Boat
Julianna Barwick = Nepenthe
Queens Of The Stone Age = Like Clockwork
And I'm going to cheat and say Left For Dead = Devoid Of Everything (Remaster Release)

Guest List From Trann of Djevel/Nettlecarrier

In No particular Order except for #1 which is In Solitude:

In Solitude = Sister
Ghost = Infestessumam
Beastmilk = Climax
Vemod = Venter Pa Stormene (Not sure if this was released in 2012 or 2013 but who cares)
Ulver = Messe I.X - VI.X
Obliteration = Black Death Horizon
Purson = The Circle And The Blue Door
Raveonettes = Observator
Jex Thoth = Blood Moon Rise
Death Of Lovers = Buried Under A World Of Roses (Only One Song but better than most albums released in 2013, can't wait for their Debut EP)

Guest List From Ivo of Oathbreaker

In No particular Order:

Carcass = Surgical Steel - Let's just all agree this is the best metal album to come out in 2013.  I was curious and afraid, beacuse "comeback" albums tend to be a painful experience from time to time.  With Surgical Steel, Carcass managed to update their sound and write a cohesive album without any weak moments.

Nails = Abandon All Life - It seems like Nails' fanbase has grown a lot in 2013, and rightly so.  Abandon All Life feels like getting punched in the face (or ears) for 17 minutes straight.

Arctic Monkeys = AM - When Arctic Monkeys first came into the spotlight, I'd already had my fill of nervous Brit-rock bands.  I gave them a second chance with Humbug and had to drastically change my opinion of them.  The last couple of years they've been steadily building a solid discography with AM being their best record yet.

The Rott Childs = Alleluia: A Brit Milah In G Melodic Minor - Talking about nervous, the Rott Childs released their second full length in 2013.  Much like their first, the followup is an explosion of wierd guitar riffing, explosive drum parts and howlin' vocals.  However, and I know this will sound wierd, the whole package sounds a lot more balanced than their debut.  Definitely one of the most interesting releases for me in 2013.

Kanye West = Yeezus - Yep, he's definitely crazy and it probably wouldn't hurt him some professional help but I listened a lot to this album in 2013.

Other albums I really liked in 2013:

Pissed Jeans = Honeys
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds = Push The Sky Away
Chvrches = The Bones Of What You Believe
Watain = The Wild Hunt
Arcade Fire = Reflektor

Guest List From Gilles of Oathbreaker

In No particular Order:

Zola Jesus = Versions
Deafheaven = Sunbather
True Widow = Circumambulation
Weekend = Jinx
Mortifera = Bleuu De Morte
Chelsea Wolfe = Pain Is Beauty
My Bloody Valentine = mbv
Julianna Barwick = Nepenthe
Kurt Vile = Wakin On A Pretty Daze
Ash Borer = Bloodlands EP

Guest List From Vincent of Centuries

In No particular Order:

Celeste = Animale(s)
Jungbluth = Part Ache
Kromosom = Nuclear Reich
Nails = Abandon All Life
Pray For Teeth = From The Dry Edge Of The Shore
Mammoth Grinder = Underworlds
The Saddest Landscape = Exit Wounded
Baptists = Bushcraft
Dead In The Dirt = The Blind Hole
Full Of Hell = Rudiments Of MUtilation
Mourning Cloak = No Visible Light

Guest List From Simon of Englemaker

In No particular Order:

Altar Of Plagues = Teethed In Glory And Injury
Carcass = Surgical Steel
Cult Of Luna = Vertikal I & II
Editors = The Weight Of Your Love
Motorhead = Aftermath
Ooze = Dancing On The Edge Of The Times
Toxic Holocaust = Chemistry Of Consciousness
Wardruna = Yggdrasil
Everything I was able to do with Englemaker in 2013 including the awesome tour and split with Besta
Amon Amarth/Carcass = Live

Guest List From Remi of Inculter

In No particular Order:

In Solitude = Sister
Obliteration = Black Death Horizon
Darkthrone = The Underground Resistance
Beastmilk = Climax
Dead Lord = Goodbye Repentance
Mion's Hill = Black Death
Infant Death = War
Enforcer = Death By Fire
Condor = S/T
Kadavar = Abra Kadavar