Brad's Top albums of 2015

In No particular Order:

Julien Baker = Sprained Ankle
Inculter = Persisting Devolution
Deathhammer = Evil Power
Violent Reaction = Marching On
Execration = Morbid Dimensions (I know this is a 2014 album, but i didn't get it until 2015)
Chelsea Wolfe = Abyss
Ceremony = The L Shaped Man
Sleater Kinney = No Cities To Love
Gouge = Beyond Death
Harms Way = Rust
Deafheaven = New Bermuda
xRepentancex =The Sickness Of Eden

(Some additional highlights from 2015 for me were getting my Project Management Professional certification, finally watching the totally inspiring and captivating movie, Wild, and New Order's Music Complete might actually make it on to my Top albums list, but I received it so late that I haven't had time to properly digest it.)